Delhi : Field Museum

Field Museum

Field Museum is open to all since 10 AM. in the morning till 5 PM. in the evening and on Tuesday to Sunday every week. This museum is housed near Purana Qila on Mathura Road. There are some archaeological finds of excavations also kept for display here and these are from the legendary city of Indraprastha.

It also has a collection of coins from the early Sunga period that is since 200 to 100 BC and red earthenware from the Kushan period that is 100 BC to 300 AD, seals as well as figures from the Gupta period that is 200 to 600 AD and stone sculptures form 700 to 800 AD all of these are displayed in this museum.

There are also Rajput wing form 900 to 1200 AD, coins and glazed ware from the Sultanate period of 1206 to 1526 are displayed.