Delhi : National Museum

National Museum

This museum is best museums to visit in India and the collection was formed from the nucleus of the exhibition of Indian Art in London. It is located on Janpath and to the south of Rajpath, this museum is the basic repository of historical period in India.

It was built in 1960 and has extraordinary collection of terracotta, bronze and wood Indian sculptures since the Mauryan period that is second ad third century BC. It exhibits from the Vijaynagar period in South India with miniature and mural paintings as well as costumes of the different adivasis means tribal peoples.

National Museum Delhi

This museum is the representation of entire Indian civilization in short and right from prehistoric times. It also includes Indus Valley Civilization finds, extraordinary sculptures in stone and bronzes from the Chola period and a huge miniature paintings collection in the world.

There is Archaeological Survey of India office just next to it and the publications cover all the major sites in India. The official open timing of this museum is 9 AM. in morning till 1 PM and again 3:30 PM to 5 PM. in evening. Museum is closed on every Saturday and Sunday.