Delhi : Old Delhi

Old Delhi : Sightseeing

any new traveler can easily find out the way while travelling in this city, even though it is spared so widely. Visitors have interest in the streets of Old Delhi spread along the west bank of the Yamuna River as well as the New Delhi.

Old Delhi

When Shah Jahan ruled in India since 1628 to 1658, he decided to move back from Agra in 1638 to Delhi. Old Delhi is the actually a 17th century city and known as Shahjahanabad at that time, this is the part of Delhi which has the enormous Red Fort as well as Jama Masjid, many temples as well as mosques, Delhi bazaars and the most famous street called 'Chandni Chowk'. Towards the north of the city the Kashmir Gate is there and towards the west Ashoka Pillar is there.

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