Delhi : Qutab Minar

Qutab Minar

In 1192 'Qutab Minar' was erected by Sultan Mohammad Ghori and Qutabuddin Aibak, for celebrating the victory they got over Rajputs at Mehrauli in South Delhi. The height of the Qutab Minar is 73 meters and five storey building. It is just outside the central courtyard of Quwatul Islam masjid and extant mosque in the North India.

Qutab-ud-Din is the main person who built this historical evidence built the first three storeys of this building, while son-in-law Iltutmish added the fourth storey. There is the 7 meters high Iron Pillar that is the main attraction of tourists, as the is believed that one who will encircle this pillar with his or her arms, his or her all wishes will come true.

Qutab Minar Delhi

It is more than 2000 years still the iron of that pillar is not rusted, so one can come to know the purity of it. There is something inscripted in Sanskrit and it suggests that it was originally erected outside 'Vishnu Temple', may be from Bihar and was supposed to be raised in Chandragupta II's memory.