Andhra Pradesh Beaches

Andhra Pradesh, often written and spelled in its abbreviated form of A.P. is covering half the portion of the southeastern coast. It occupies the number four and five positions in terms of geographic area and population. It has 23 districts and Hyderabad is its capital, which is the largest and most populated city in A.P. It has a beautiful neighbour to its east in Bay of Bengal, Maharashtra, Chhattisgarh and Odisha to its north, Tamil Nadu to its south, and Karnataka to its west.

Andhra Pradesh shares the third longest coastline in the country, 960 km precisely. Two major Indian rivers flow through the state - Godavari and Krishna. The State is known for its natural resources, culture, ecology and religious tourism. Out of the 23 districts, eight districts share the entire coastline stretch that starts from Visakhapatnam up to Nellore district. All those eight places sharing the coastline have beaches that draw attention of thousands of inland and foreign tourists every year.

The outstanding part about the Andhra Pradesh beaches is that they are both secluded as well as crowded. This means tourists who just want to be in a company of restricted and fewer people, or like to flaunt their extrovert qualities can choose their pick easily. The bountifulness of water and the frothy waves shimmering in the sunlight turn the tired souls into refreshed lads. The view of the sea, the cool zephyr, and the sound of the waves are all melody to the ears.

The beaches of A.P. offer all thrills and fun to those looking for a sun bath and eager to try indulging in water sports such as wind surfing, water gliding and skiing. The attraction of the golden beaches and soft sands leave tourists in a spell of trance. Besides, the scenery that surrounds the beaches captivates the tourists immensely. The blue ocean mingles with the beaches and cast extraordinary spell on visitors' soul. Be it summer or winter, the beaches are best to enjoy a long walk, refreshing to swim, and soothe body and mind.

Popular Beaches of Andhra Pradesh

Bheemunipatnam Beach

This beach is also called Bhimli Beach. It is 24 km from Vishakhapatnam and is renowned as one of the safest locations for swimming. It is at a location where the Goshtani River merges with the Bay of Bengal. It is calm, serene and is oozing with greenery. A garden near the beach makes it more like an ideal picnic spot. In addition, a 17th century ruined fort situated by the beach double-ups as a leisure and historical trips.

Ramakrishna Beach

This beach is the longest and most crowded beach in Vishakapatnam. In spite of being crowded all the time, the beach is surprisingly clean. The soft sand and the water touching the feet while walking on it the most relaxing experience. Looking at the sunset turning a vast area in the sky reddish hot is mind-blowing. However, swimming is strictly prohibited here because of the high waves current.

Rishikonda Beach

This beach is 8 km from Vizag (Vishakapatnam). It stretches up to long area. Its golden coloured sand and complete facilities for water sports make it the best beach in the city. Swimming, water skiing and wind surfing are the favourite activities of tourists after coming here. The Tourism Department of the State has built beach cottages for lodging.

Manginapudi Beach

This beach is in Krishna District, 85 km from Vishakhapatnam. It is the oldest beach in the state. There is a port near the beach built by the Dutch for trading purpose. The beach is a prelude to what the state holds for tourists. The natural landscapes around the beach, and several health resort combine to offer a relaxing and healthy trip.

Mypad Beach

This beach is in Nellore District. It has a beauty to catch attention of any eyes in the world. The blue water, silver sands, beautiful landscape, panoramic view of the Bay of Bengal, lush greenery, and vast stretches of sandy land provide a pleasant shock to visitors. Whether it is for honeymoon or to spend some family time, thousand of tourists visit it both in summer and winter. In fact, the beach has become a sort of romantic getaway for the people of A.P. Many come to enjoy sunbath, swim, walk on the beach, take hiking, go boating and fishing. There is a fishing zone just 2 km from the shore. The most exciting and thrilling activity on the beach is the motorbike rides.

Kalingapatnam Beach

This beach is in Kalingapatnam town in Srikakulam District. It is a famous and another most-visited beach in Andhra Pradesh. The main attractions of the beach, apart from it cleanliness and scenic location, are the lighthouse and Buddhist Stupa. The beach also houses an ancient port once used by European and Foreign traders. It is also a location where The Vamsadhara Rivers drains into the Bay of Bengal.

Kothapatnam Beach

This beach is in Prakasam District located 18 km from Ongole town. It is the cleanest beach and a recreational ground for the people living close to the town and village. The beach also has some religious significance since thousands of people gather here for a holy dip on the day of Karthika Porrnima.

Motupalle Beach

This beach is in a small village called Chinaganjam, which is 45 km from Ongole. The highlight of the beach is the wide stretch of Casuarina plantation. It is a calm beach away from maddening crowd of the city where visitors can enjoy a relaxing weekend with their friends and family. The lush greenery flanking the beach makes it ideal for sunbath, a long and quite stroll and to strengthen emotional bonds with each other.

Perupalem Beach

This beach is in Godavari District. It is lying 20 km west to Narasapur town. The scenic beauty and vast coastline attract tourists to this beach. Besides enjoying at the beach, visitors can also explore Narasapur which has a rich historical background. The shallow water at the beach is safe for swimming. More than the enjoyment waiting at the beach, the 20 km journey that leads through paddy fields is the stunning highlight.

Suryalanka Beach

This beach is also called as Bapatla Beach. It is 8.5 km from Bapatla town in Guntur District. It is the only beach that is nearest to Hyderabad. It is famous for its golden sand and white water. It has a wide and spacious area encircled with natural beauty that offers solitude and best relaxing experience. It is overlooking the Bay of Bengal, and is flanked with several resorts at one side.

How to Reach Andhra Pradesh

By Air

Hyderabad is the capital of A. P. that has an international airport. Flights of several domestic and foreign airline companies land here daily from all corners of the world

By Rail

A.P. is a major tourist destination in the south of India. Hence, it is connected by rail route to all cities of India.

By Road

A.P. is well connected to other parts of India through road. The national highways and state highways passing through the state connect all tourist destinations.

Andhra Pradesh has several tourist destinations that are dripped in history, culture, natural beauty, splendid architecture, and religious sentiments. Tourists can visit all the beaches of Andhra Pradesh from any location after anyone of the 23 district or a major city.