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Gujarat Beaches
Gujarat Beaches

Gujarat has a coastline measuring more than 1660 km, the longest among all Indian states, lined by beaches, scenic rocky coastlands, beach palaces and shore temples. The beach promises a blend of relaxing, peaceful sightseeing and other activities. Swimming and sunbathing amidst this sun-drenched, palm-fringed beaches provides a soothing tranquility.

A unique aspect of the Gujarat coast is the presence of royal palaces along the Porbandar, Junagadh, Bhavnagar and Kutch district coastline.A tourist is offered a wealth of sea shore destinations like shore temples, sea facing palaces, historic sea forts, coastal villages, ship yards, bird watching spots and India's first Marine National park.

Ahmedpur Mandvi Beach :

One of the finest beach resorts of the country, Ahmedpur Mandvi offers exciting options to entertain oneself by lazing in the beach, swimming, or enjoying water sports. The beautiful sea attractions over here include lovely blue waters, lots of birdlife, sandy beaches and colourful fishing hamlets.

Beyt Dwarka :

Though its quite a popular pilgrimage center, always thronged with pilgrims and tourists, still Dwarka has some fine stretches of beach to offer where you can always find a quiet spot to unwind. A site to see are the shore birds that gather in large numbers along the coast at dusk.

Diu Beach :

A sensuous blend of sun, sand and deep blue sea, Diu Island is situated 125 kms from Junagadh. This beach island will also attention-grabbing because of its Portuguese colonial period architecture reflected beautifully in its churches, public buildings, bungalows, clean wide roads, neat clean beaches etc.

Somnath & Veraval Beach :

Crouched in the shadow of a Portuguese fort on the opposite, northern side of the headland from Vagator, Chapora, 10-km from Mapusa, is a lat busier than most north coast villages. Dependent on fishing and boat building, it has, to a great extent, retained a life of its own independent of tourism. The workaday indifference to the annual invasion of Westerners is most evident on the main street, lined with as many regular stores as travellers cafes and restaurants.

Chorwad :

66-km from Junagadh and 23-km from the fishing centre of Veraval, Chorwad is a small fishing village and a delightful beach with it's resort on the sunny coast of Gujarat. Chorwad is perfect for long beach walks and a quiet holiday.

Madhavpur Beach :

Sleepy Cavelossim, straddling the coast road 11-km south of Colva, is the last major settlement in southwest Salcete: its only claim to fame. A short way beyond the village's picturesque church square, a narrow lane veers left across an open expanse of paddy fields to the Cavelossim-Assolna ferry crossing near the mouth of the Sal River.

Gopnath Beach :

Once a beloved summer home of Maharaja Krishna Kumar Singhji of Bhavnagar, 75-kms from Bhavnagar, Gopnath still endures a favourite beach site of Gujarat because of its breathtakingly beautiful sea coast with it's spectacular limestone cliffs and great views, sea breezes and colourful birdlife

Gujarat Beaches :
Ahmedpur Mandvi Beach Beyt Dwarka Diu Beach
Somnath & Veraval Beach Chorwad Beach Gopnath Beach

Some other magnificient beaches in India provide the most tempting combination of sun, sand, sea and surf that is too hard to resist for any beach lover and water sport adventurer.

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