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Information on the Indian Beaches : Orissa Beaches
Orissa Beaches
Orissa Beaches

Orissa's lovely beaches have been one of nature's best kept secrets. The lapping ivaters of tbe Bay of Bengal pay bomage to tbeir beauty along ibe 482 km coastline while creating delightful estuaries and intimate pools among the craggy projections along the bay.

Virginal and unspoilt but infinitely seductive, most of the popular beaches are a stone's throw from some of the most fantastic forms of man's artistic expressions, tbe beautifully sculpted temples and shrines.

The seaside beach resort of Chandipur is another favourite seaside holiday hideout among beach lovers. Gopalpur-On-Sea, an ancient seaport, is one of the most beautiful and unspoiled beaches one should definitely visit, when taking touring Orissa's beaches.

Gopalpur On Sea :

This place is considered to be a favourite spot lying on the Bay of Bengal for sea and water sport lovers. Have a nice walk or a jog in early morning hours on this golden beach of Orissa India, which is also an ideal place to swim or laze around.

Puri Beach :

Puri is one of the three major spots of the Orissa Golden Triangle and one of the four major holy places in India. Located on the shores of Bay of Bengal, it has one of the finest beaches in the world.

Chandipur Beach :

Situated 16 km from Balasore, the beach at Chandipur provides a memorable experience to the visitors along its shores. It is a unique sea beach where seawater recedes about 5-kms during low tide and advances to the shoreline again during high tide, each day.

Konark Beach :

Konark is the world famous site of the most exquisite Sun temple one can ever come across. While visiting this religiously and historically famous site, do check out the lovely bliss and serenity of its beach.

Paradeep Beach :

Paradeep is a major seaport of India's trade activities with a fine sea beach that offers evergreen forests, a huge estuary of the Mahanadi with islands and creeks, a good marine drive and beach. Known as 'Tulasi Kshetra' it is also famous for its temple site of Lord Baladeva.

Balighai Beach :

8 km from Puri, this is a casuarina-fringed beach with a Sea Turtle Research Centre situated nearby. This is the place that can surely turn a casual trip into an unforgettable vacation along the coastline of Orissa.

Some other magnificient beaches in India provide the most tempting combination of sun, sand, sea and surf that is too hard to resist for any beach lover and water sport adventurer.

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