Types of Indian Daal Preparations

All over Indian, there are various types of Indian daal preparations that make for an essential part of everyday meals. Details of some of these are as follows:

  • Fragrant white urad dal: It is a specialty of the city of Massuri. It is made with white urad daal and is to be served hot with yogurt for it to taste the best.

  • Toor Dal (Indian Spicy Style): This daal is also known as arhar ki daal and is a thick one on preparation. It is very healthy and contains all the necessary minerals and vitamins required by the body. It also fulfills one's body's fiber needs. While making it, one gets a variety of garnishing options wit it.

Dal an Indian Cuisine

  • Masoor daal: Masoor ki daal, also known as red lentil is a favorite daal in North India. To many people, taking it with rice makes for an ideal meal. It is also taken along with all kinds of dry dishes. It could be made bland or spicy, depending upon one's taste and preference. It is a favored option in hospital food where it is served with very minimal spices, almost bland. It has a lot of nutritional value attached to it.

  • Daal fry: To be served when one is bored of the routine daal preparation, it is a spicy preparation and can combine an assortment of daals or only single daal. It is made by adding to it a fried mix of red chillies and other spices. After putting these into the daal, it is to be kept covered for a minute or so, so that the daal absorbs the flavor of its just added spices and other ingredients. It is to be served hot.

  • Daal preparation of Medu Vada: It is a South Indian dish which is made by using udad daal and is fried to get a crunchy, crispy and healthy snack. The vade is favorite among the people of the south and is eaten with sambhar and chutney.

  • Khichdi: It serves as the best meal on a day when you don't feel like having anything heavy. It is made of different daals or by just using one single daal. The daal is mixed with a bowl of rice, spices are added to it and then put in water and set on gas for boiling. It is cooked in a cooker. After 3 steams, your khichdi is ready to be eaten. It doesn't take much time to prepare and is very healthy for the body.

  • Moongi ki daal: Yellow in color, it is usually mixed with masar daal to cook a wholesome meal. Otherwise, when cooked alone too, it serves as a very tasty and nutritious preparation. In some parts of the country, people love to have it with karela.

  • Ras-bada dessert preparation: It is a sweet dish which is prepared by adding a cup of grinded urad daal with salt, hing and sugar and then frying it is a frying pan till it becomes brown. It could be taken as a snack, or a proper meal either in dinner or in lunch.

  • Chana daal: These are white or black chana that are used in this dish. It could e made spicy, depending on the taste. It is best eaten with rice and pudhnia chuttney. In majority of Punjabi families, chana daal, with rice, is cooked for lunch traditionally on every Saturday.

  • Dahi vada: Another preparation using urad daal, it is made by grinding the daal and adding to it salt and hing. It is then fried in the frying pan and made into several wadas, which are then added to curd. Red chilli powder in mild quantity along with other spices are sprinkled over the curd to give it an additional flavor. It makes for the part of a party menu, especially at weddings.

  • Sambhar daal: It is a famous South Indian dish made from toor daal. It is meant to be had with dosa and idli. Coconut chutney accompanies this combination and makes for a fulfilling South Indian lunch/ dinner/ breakfast.

Choose from any of these types of Indian daal preparations and cook a healthy meal.