Fish and Meat Preparations

There are a number of Indian fish and meat preparations that are eaten widely all across the nation. They serve to the tastes of one and all; there are such recipes that are hot and spicy, and then there are medium-spicy dishes too. The people of Uttar Pradesh like their meat to be very spicy; in Punjab, butter chicken is known for being medium-spicy. Mughalai dishes are not spicy, but many a times sweet, which may not be the taste of everybody. Following are some fish and chicken/ lamb dishes that can be enjoyed in India.

Fish and Meat are Indian cuisines

  • Tandoori chicken: A very famous chicken dish in North India, it is eaten with much delight in other parts of the country too. The dish is prepared by chopping the chicken into sizeable pieces, putting them through a grill and putting the grills over a tandoor. This is a form of roast chicken, but is even tastier than a microwave-cooked chicken. Half of the magic behind the taste is because of the effect of charcoal burning in the tandoor; your dish comes smoked. It is best served hot with mint chutney and a salad of onion and lemon pieces.

  • Butter chicken: A very tasty, yet another North Indian cuisine, which unlike tandoori chicken, is cooked in red gravy prepared from tomato, onion paste and other spices. A tadka made in butter is added to it and set to cook on medium gas. It contains shredded boneless pieces of chicken and is topped with a scoopful of butter/ cream separately when ready.

  • Chicken biryani: Chicken is marinated before cooking. A paste with tomato puree, onion paste, garlic paste, green and red chili powder turmeric and coriander powder is prepared. The chicken pieces are put into it for marinating. Onions are put into a frying pan and cooking oil is added to it; they are cooked till they turn brown. Rice and water are added to a cooker and cooked for some time; simultaneously the chicken should be added with the fired onions. When you mix the chicken with rice, chicken biryani is made. One can garnish it with coriander leaves.

  • Palak gosht: It is a special North Indian dish which is both, mouth-watering and healthy. It is cooked by adding marinated lamb pieces to spinach and cooking them tenderly. After it is prepared, on could garnish it with a spoonful of cream.

  • Muttton seek kabab: It could be made either on tandoor or in the microwave over grills. It is made by using goat meat; it is shredded into small pieces and molded on the skewers to cook.

  • Goan mutton curry: It is a Goan specialty and is made up of goat meat. It is mouth watering and spicy and is flavored with coconut milk and curd.

Fish preparations:

  • Sweet and sour fish curry: This is a Chinese-style dish and is served as a main course dish. The fish is marinated and then made fillets out of it. These are mixed with various sweet and sour spices such as vinegar, soy sauce and tomato puree/ sauce. It is sure to win over your heart if you like eating fish.

  • Steamed masala fish: It is a Bengali specialty recipe. The cooking process for it starts with marinating the fish pieces with mint flavored spice paste. The fish fillets are then wrapped with banana leaves and steamed on gas.

  • Punjabi fried fish: A Punjabi specialty, it has an authentic style of preparation to it. The marinated fillets of fish are coated with a paste o9f besan and other spices (salt, red chili powder and haldi) and put on gas for deep frying. Once it turns brown, it is taken out of the boiling oil and served hot with sauce or coriander chutney. It makes for an awesome snack for parties.

  • Maharashtrian fish gravy: It is a spicy authentic preparation of the state of Maharashtra. The marinated pieces of fish are deep fried in oil for around 20 minutes and then some coconut oil is added to it before letting it boil some more. This is best eaten with rice.

So, these are some of the fish and meat preparations of India, ranging from mild spicy to hot and spicy. These all could easily be cooked at home with a little pre-cooking preparation like collecting the ingredients, etc.