Indian Fruits and Vegetables

This country is known for the diverse Indian fruits and vegetables that are available all over, depending on the season. There are summer vegetables like brinjal, bhindi, karela, etc and then, there are other winter season vegetables like carrot, saag, peas and turnip. Each one of these contain vitamins and minerals that are essential for the overall health of one's body. There are more than one ways to cook them and the style differs from region to region; such is the diversity of the country. Also, one could cook multiple dishes using the same vegetable. Following are the various Indian vegetables:

Fruits and Vegetables as Indian cuisine

  • Sarson ka saag: Rich in vital antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, this is a favorite dish of Punjabis and they eat it with makki ki roti; it's their favorite combo. These are leaves that are washed first, and then put in cooker with water to boil. Spices, salt and masala powder are put into it along with the tadka in ghee. The vegetable is then mixed properly and left on gas for cooking. And so, a tasty sarson ka saag is made.

  • Baingan (brinjal) ka bharta: Brinjal could be used for making various dishes; one could make stuffed baingan, baingan ka bharta, kolhapuri baingan, etc. They are simple to make and only requires the correct knowledge to make.

  • Loki: It is cooked by cutting it into smaller pieces, mixing it with spices and cooking it till it gets soft and eatable. It is a favorite vegetable of many people. Apart from the simple preparation, loki kofta could also be made using this vegetable. It is nothing but stuffed loki inside dumplings made of flour, which is fried and then put into the separately cooked gravy.

  • Tori (courgette): Tori, is also cooked just like loki.

  • Pumpkin/ kaddoo: Apart from being used for Halloween in America, pumpkin is also a very famous vegetable in India. It is cut clean, the seeds are removed and then, it is cut into smaller pieces which are then cooked on gas with spices and salt as per taste. Also, many people use it to make kaddu ka halwa- a sweet dessert for eating as a snack, or eating after a meal.

  • Cabbage: It is famously used in veg-manchurian preparation, and is also cooked as a simple vegetable; it is grated into thin shreds and then put on the gas for cooking. The soup made from it tastes very good and is often recommended to all, especially to the patients of any kind.

  • Cauliflower: It is cut into small pieces and cooked on gas in a pan (and not in cooker).

  • Soybeans: These are also known as black-eyed beans and are a rich source of iron, calcium and vitamins. It is cooked till it becomes soft.

  • Rajma: It is a red bean, famous in Punjab and is best eaten with rice. This combo is part of Punjab's traditional meal and is also commonly called rajma-chaawal. Pouring some ghee over rajma-chaawal and then eating it, will add great taste to the entire dish.

Indian Fruits:

  • Watermelon: A very favored fruit during the summertime, it is eaten for its nutritional value. As it is rich in water content and other vitamins, it helps in beating the effects of summer heat on the body. Apart from this, it is also a rich source of Vitamin C.

  • Custard apple (sita phal): It is a very tasty fruit and the one that helps in reducing heart-related risks. It is very soft, gooey and seedy in nature.

  • Banana: The best fruit for meeting your body's startch requirements fulfilled. Many people it it in breakfast as it is filling and healthy.

  • Mango: The king of all fruits, it comes in many varieties like dasseri, chosa, langra, alphonso, etc.

  • Kashmiri apple: A rich source of iron and other minerals, the Kashmiri apple is the most famous variety of this fruit available in India. It is also exported outside. It makes for an excellent fruit salad ingredient.

  • Nagpur oranges: Nagpur is famous for its cultivation of oranges from where these are transported to the entire country. They are also exported to other countries.