Indian Milk-based Preparations

Indian milk-based preparations are very famous and eaten all around the country because milk is one common weakness of all the Indians. People are very fond of milk and the several dishes and sweets that could be made using it as an ingredient. From Indian villages to cities, these sweets are prepared by many at home with love; they are quite in demand all over the year, and especially around festive season. These preparations are rich in the use of dry-fruits and other whole grain and thus, are very nutritious as well as tasty. Some of these preparations are as follows:

Milk as main Indian cuisine.

  1. Rasgulla: This is a soft and spongy sweet that is made of flour, sugar and milk. It is a Bengali specialty and is very sweet in taste. It is traditionally, always eaten by dipping it in a thick sugar syrup; without the syrup, it is not as fun as otherwise. A well-made rasgulla will melt in your mouth instantaneously.

  2. Ras Malai: It is a very popular dish in the north and is made by preparing little dumplings of flour and milk and putting them into a thick sweetened milky syrup that is flavored with cardamom. It is best served chilled. One can also sprinkle dry fruits all over it.

  3. Gulab Jamun: This is another favorite and very popular dish made with milk. It consists of flour dumplings made from thickened or reduced milk and dipped in a thick sugar syrup made by adding sugar to water and heating it to melt the sugar content. The dumplings are then put into this syrup and eaten together in combination of each other. It is traditionally served hot, but many people also like it cold. It also satisfies one's taste buds when taken with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream.

  4. Kheer: This is a rice pudding, creamy in nature, which is prepared with milk and rice as the primary ingredients. Rice is added to milk and heated with sugar. Cardamom is added to it for added flavor, along with with a topping of dry fruits. It is a popular festival dish and is served to guests in breakfast as well as after-meal dessert.

  5. Cham-Cham: It is a famous Bengali dish and is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth.

  6. Mishti Doi: It is a necessary dish of Bengali people for all their festivals and is prepared by using milk, sugar and yogurt. It is made by heating the milk in a earthen pot. Molten sugar syrup is prepared in another pot. When the milk cools down, the sugar syrup is poured over it. After this, yogurt is added to the earthen pot and left there for a night. In the morning, it is refrigerated and, thus set as curd. Hence, it is ready to be served.

  7. Shrikhand: A really tasty thick syrup that is prepared by using full-cream milk and yogurt together with sugar. On being ready, it takes the form of a thick paste that is largely eaten with meals as a counterpart of chutney. It comes in different flavors like mango, etc.

  8. Sandesh Mishti: Bengali sweets have dominated the menu cards everywhere. They probably have the largest number of authentic sweets to their credit. Sandesh is another popular sweet which is made by using milk, sugar, chopped pistachios, crushed cardamom seeds, and citric acid.

  9. Mango Kulfi: It is easily made at home and is a frozen recipe which is made with milk, sugar and flavored essence. It is a delicious dish and kids love it. It makes for a perfect after dinner dessert and is also easy to make.

  10. Malpua: Yet, another milk-based preparation, eaten with love in Bihar and Chattisgarh, it is their authentic sweet. It is the Indian counterpart of the American pancakes.

So, these are some of the Indian milk-based preparations that are made and had with love all over the country. Like these, there are many more authentic regional dishes that are worth trying. Though, all of these are always available at sweet shops, there is another magic to making these by yourself at home. If you are fond of cooking then you should go through their respective recipes and start practicing.