North Indian Cuisine

Tandoori a North Indian cuisine

The north Indian cuisines are famous even in other parts of the country. All the hotels extensively serve these dishes. The areas that come under the Northern region are Jammu and Kashmir, Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Rajasthan and Uttarakhand and Uttar Pradesh.

Jammu and Kashmir

The Kashmiri Pandits and their cultures have had a lot of influence over Kasmiri cuisines. They are also very tasty. Some of these dishes include:

  • Rogan Josh, a lamb delicacy cooked in spicy red gravy.
  • Yakhni, another lamb dish cooked by using curd based gravy.
  • Matschgand, a spicy red gravy dish with minced pieces of lamb.
  • Goshtaba, it includes minced chicken pieces with creamy gravy.
  • Qabargah, also known as Tabakhmaaz, it is a roasted lamb delicacy.

Another royal preparation of this state is Wazwan, which is a multi-course cuisine and is had with great pleasure. The platter consists of a large dish of basmati rice surrounded on all sides by a total of 4 seekh-kabab pieces. 4 pieces of a local delicacy by the name of meth-maaz. Some pieces of tabak maaz, barbequed lamb ribs, white kokur, etc. Many other dishes follow in the subsequent courses. This is served with yogurt with toppings of salad, pickles and pappad.

Some of the famous local beverages are as follows:

  • Kawah, a kind of tea made from saffron, dry fruits like walnut and almonds, along with local spices. It is a green tea and very good for health. There are at least 20 varieties of this drink.
  • Sheer chai, which is also known as Noon chai is made with salt as an important ingredient. Noon, which means salt in the local language is added to the water along with green tea and milk. Soda is also added to it for a unique color of the preparation.


Parathaas are the favorite food of the people of Punjab, along with other food items like cholle bhature, sarso ka saag and makki ki roti. Among beverages, lassi is the one drink without which a punjabi meal is never complete. The main ingredients of any Punjabi dish are onion, garlic and ginger. Tandoori chicken is the world famous Punjabi non-veg preparation, which has held the even the foreigners captive to its out-of-the-world tasts. Typical breakfast items to choose from here are the parathaas, halwa poori, falooda and lassi

Himachal Pradesh

  • Patande: It is a major dish prepared by the people of this state, especially in Sirmour district. It is made from wheat and is considered to be the India's reply to the American pancake.

  • Sidu: Made by mixing a mixture of yeast and dough of wheat, it is allowed to be still for 3-4 hours during which it rises and becomes a fluffy mass of dough. It is then heated on low gas and then put on steam. It is fondly eaten with ghee, pulse and mutton.

  • Dham: Served with epattalsi or leaf plates, it is a multi-course cuisine. Eaten in Chamba, it starts with a rice platter, green lantil and rajma (red kidney beans). Yogurt is served along with it. The second course consists of kadi and any dark lentil preparation. A sweet and sour chutney is prepared from tamarind and jaggery, which is served along with this course.


  • Churma is a popular local delicacy which is made b crushing the ground wheat and cooking it by adding ghee and sugar, first on low gas and then slightly increasing the temperature, but not too much, or else it would start sticking to the base of the cooking utensil. It is served with dal and baati.

  • Gujjia is a sweet preparation made of suji or flour. It is a dumpling which is stuffed with khoya. It is served as snacks and also is a famous sweet for all festive seasons in the state.

  • Ghevar is another sweet preparation prepared during festival of Teej. There are plain ghevar, mawa ghevar and malai ghevar to choose from. It is made by using sugar syrup and flour or wheat.


The food here mainly consists of pulses and rice. The food us largely simple and nutritious. There is ras-bhaat and thatwaani which are different pulse-based preparations of this region. Various curries had with curd are also liked very much here.

Uttar Pradesh

There are two kinds of preparations here, one is Avadhi and the other, Mughalai. The cooking methods and ingredients differ and so does the taste; although the dishes famous here are all famous in a large part of the North India. These include kebabs, dum biryani, samosas, chaat, pakora and various mutton recipes.

So, these are some major North Indian Cuisines.