Rice and Breads

One can find several varieties of rice and breads throughout India. The fact that India has so many different varieties of these food items, is the proof of the country's diverse tastes and preferences. Here is information about a few kinds.


  • Brown rice: Having more nutritional value than the white one, it is a better alternative and liked by many. However, it is cooked at a different temperature than the usual rice.

Rice and Bread are Indian cuisine

  • Quinoa Pulao: It is a great source of iron, vitamin E, and other minerals like magnesium and potassium. Apart from this, it is a very rich source of protein too. The vegans and vegetarians like this a lot and call it a complete protein diet. This crop is originally from Peru, which is now planted and grown everywhere. It contains a balanced set of all the minerals and vitamins required by the body for overall development. Because of all these factors, it finds its way into the menu at many functions and gatherings.

  • Coconut Rice: Also known as Thengai Sadam in South India, it is just one of the many kinds of flavored rice that could be cooked simply at home and without much gathering up of ingredients.

  • Jack Fruit Pulao: Jack fruit, also known as Katthal in Hindi, is a vegetable that is known as the meat for the vegetarians. One of the most liked vegetable that it is, people use it to prepare several kinds of dishes; the list is countless. The beauty us that it is so edible that it could be used to experiment with many more new dishes; one of them would be Jack Fruit Pulao. Add it to the pulao and it will feel like eating chicken biryani.

  • Mushroom Pulao: You cannot consider a menu full without having rice as a part of it. Mushroom pulao is a dish widely liked by all the people and if you like mushroom vegetable, then you are in for a treat.

  • Shrimp (Prawn) Biryani: Especially for non-veg lovers, prawns biryani is a treat for their taste buds. It is a Goan specialty dish and is to be taken with mint leaves and coconut salan. What more could one ask for!

  • Vegetable Fried Rice: A unique dish, it is made by mixing up an assortment of vegetables and adding them to the fried rice. It is a perfect way of satisfying your craving for Chinese food. It can easily be made at home, with the surety of health and taste. You can add any selection of vegetables to your rice.

  • Sweet Rice: A favorite delicacy of Indians cooked especially during festival season. It is made by mixing jaggery (gud) to the rice and cooking them in the usual manner. It could be served as snacks or even meal.

  • Methi Pulao: Also known as Fenugreek rice, it is a simple preparation where you mix methi to rice and cook it. The flavor and color that it gives to the rice is sure to stimulate one's taste buds.


There are a large number of Indian breads that one can find in different parts of the country. Some of them are the regional specialties, though the rest of them are available anywhere around India. It all also reflects the diversity of the the country. The really famous ones are:

  • Chapati: The most common form of Indian bread that it is, this bread is simply made from wheat or barley and is eaten with vegetables in all the meals.

  • Puri: This is mostly best eaten with aloo ki sabzi (potato vegetable) amd pickle. Part of a perfect picnic food, it is loved by one and all, all across the country.

  • Paratha: Made of thick dough, it could be filled with almost any kind of filling ranging from potato to paneer. The most famous parathas are the aloo ka paratha, gobi ka paratha, muli (raddish), and methi ka paratha. These parathas are available at all the restaurants.

  • Naan: A large bread made of flour, it is a very tasty bread that all the restaurants serve and is best had with a chicken dish. It can also be made of wheat, instead of flour and that way it proves to be healthier.

  • Bhatoora: A popular Punjabi bread, it is made of flour and is customarily eaten with cholle. The Punjabis can't do without this dish combo. One can have it at almost all restaurants.

  • Dosa: It is a famous south Indian bread that is made from rice. It goes along with sambhar and is the favorite dish of all the south-Indians.

So, these are some of the famous rice and breads of India that one can choose from while traveling through the country.