Chikhaldara Hill Station

Chikhaldara Hill Station, Maharashtra
Chikhaldara Hill Station

Chikhaldara Hill Station

Chikhaldara is the most famous hill station in Maharashtra and has beautiful valleys and streams flowing though this valley. It is at a height of about 1118 meters and has lovely scenic beauty. Chikhaldara is named after Bhima a pandava killed Keechaka and threw him in the hills. After this the place was known as Keechakadara and later as Chikhaldara hills.

Chikhaldara is popular not only in India but is also favorite holiday destination for the British people. This place is full of deep valleys and the valleys are full of velvet fog and also huge forest.

The beauty of this place cannot be described in words. Chikhaldara hills are the only hill station in Maharashtra that has coffee plantation. It has lovely viewpoints from the hills you can see amazing valley, lake and a wide variety of wildlife. Wildlife animals such as panthers, sambars, sloth bears, wild boar and rarely found dogs. Close to Chikhaldara hills is the Melghat Tiger project, there are about 82 tigers here.

As this place is full with velvet fog for most of the time it is breezy and very cool here and the tourists always feel as if they are walking on the clouds. There are many waterfalls here as rainy season is present for a very long period of time.

Tourists also enjoy doing trekking here as the valleys are deep and filled with dense forest. People can have a thrilling view of sunset and sunrise from various picnic spots in and around the hills.

In and around Chikhaldara:

Chikhaldara wildlife sanctuary:

This sanctuary is named after Keechaka tourists found panthers, sambars, sloth bears and even some time wild dogs.

Melghat tiger reserve:

It is located in Chikhaldara of Amravati district in ranges of satpura hills. This reserve is spread over an area of about 1676.93-sq-kilometers and is the only remaining habitats of tigers in Maharashtra.

The charming natural beauty of Chikhaldara hills can also be enjoyed from some hot spots such as hurricane point, Devi point and Prospect point. Other interesting places near Chikhaldara are gavilgad and narnala fort.

Place to stay;

There are MTDC resorts with all accommodation amenities and they arrange super living facility for the tourists. Other options are lodges, hotels and economy guest houses with reasonable rates that with suite everyone's pocket.

Getting there:

  • Airways:

    Nearest airport is the Akola airport just 160 kilometers. There are buses and taxis available from airport to Chikhaldara hills.

  • Railways:

    Nearest railway station is the Bandera station just 110 kilometers from Chikhaldara hills. It is on the central railway line.

  • Road ways:

    Nearest bus stop is the Amravati bus stop just 100 kilometers away from Chikhaldara. There are state transport buses which are operated at frequent time interval s.

Ideal time to visit:

Best time to visit Chikhaldara is from October to June as the cool wind blowing here are makes this place to relax in summer.