Haflong Hill Station

Haflong Hill Station, Assam
Haflong Hill Station

Haflong Hill Station

Haflong is one of the major hill stations as it is the only hill station in Assam. Haflong hill is the head quarters of the north Cachar hills region. It is one of the perfect holiday picnic spots in Assam. It is famous for its amazing natural beauty of the hills and the valleys covered with flowers and huge trees. It is also popular because of the colonial history of this place; some of the remains of the British can be noted here in some of the buildings.

Apart from the natural beauty of the hills it is well- known for flower plantation which has about more than 2 lakh variety of flowers including orchids and blue vandal. There are also rare varieties of birds found here. Fruits plantation is also famous here fruits such as pear, peaches, oranges and pineapple are in abundant here. There is a very famous orchid garden located here which must be visited without fail. This place is also well-known as the land of blue hills in Assam.

People who visit this place fall in love with this place. As the natural beauty of this place is awesome and one can often see rainbows down the hills. The thrilling view of the sunset and sunrise keep a person speech less. People come here for the calm and pleasant atmosphere of this place as it is far from the hum drum of the city life.

Tourists who are adventures lovers can have a great time here as there are troupe who organizes trekking, water rafting and mountain climbing. There are well trained persons who guide tourists for their safe ride.

In and around Haflong hills:

Haflong Lake:

Haflong Lake is a major attraction of this place. It is one of the two lakes of Haflong hills. This lake is large and very delightful which plays a vital role in the beauty of the Haflong hills. This is also called as the ‘Scotland of Assam’. There is a famous Jatinga village which is just about 9 kilometers away from Haflong hills. People are allowed to do boating in this lake. There are thousands of migratory birds visiting this lake every winter.


Accommodation is not a problem here as there are many hotels and resorts available ranging from luxury to economic class. There are lodges and private guest houses also near the city which are of low budget. Hotels and resorts are all well-equipped and properly maintained for the tourists.

Getting there:

  • Airways:

    Nearest airports are the Dimapur which is 266 kilometers, Guwahati which is 355 kilometers and Jorhat which is 365 kilometers away from Haflong hills. There are taxis and buses from airport to destination.

  • Railways:

    Nearest railway station is the Guwahati station which is about 355 kilometers away from Haflong hills. The rail that operates from here is the north frontier railway.

  • Road ways:

    There are state transport and luxury buses available from Haflong to all the major cities of Assam.

Ideal time to visit Haflong hills:

Best time to visit Haflong is from August to November as during this period the weather is very cold and pleasant for a complete family holiday.