Kudremukh Hill Station

Kudremukh Hill Station, Karnataka

Kudremukh Hill Station

Kudremukh Hill Station

Kudremukh hills are the unspoiled hills in the Karnataka state. The name of Kudremukh is derived from two different words in Kannada that is Kudure means horse and mukha means face. So this is also known as horse faced hill station.

The hill top range of the Kudremukh hills resembles the face of horse when viewed from far. The mountains of the Kudremukh are linked together with valleys in the middle and steep chasm. The area is covered with huge dense forest and the rivers which is interrupted and waterfalls. The natural beauty of this place is stunning as the views of the valley are awesome which makes a person fall in love with the beauty.

This place is perfect for trekking and river rafting as the hills are not very steep here. There are well trained persons who guide tourists for their safe ride. Tourists come here from all corners of the world for relaxing and having a pleasant holiday.

There are stunning view of the sunset and sunrise which make a person speech less. The changing color of the sun falls on the green lush land and makes the environment mind blowing and incredible. There are many iron ore mining found in abundance in the town. This place is also rich in wildlife in Karnataka state.

There are two main river's which are flowing through the valleys as Tunga river and the Bhadra river. There is very famous waterfall in the hill is the Kadambi waterfall.

In and around places:

Kudremukh National park:

This park covers over an area of 600 square kilometers. There is tropical forest which is the main attraction of this place for the tourists. The park is situate on the Western Ghats and is declared as the area which comes under wildlife protection.

There are rare species which are protected here such as the wild dogs, tigers and leopards. In the forest there are almost 13 trekking trails as per the tourist's requirement.


Gangammola as a part of the Western Ghats or known as the varaha parvatha which are the border of the national park. They are at an altitude of about 1458 meters above sea level.


There are many hotels and resorts available here ranging from luxury to economic class. There are private guest houses and lodges which are of low budgets. These hotels and resorts are well maintained and are provided with all the amenities for the tourists.

Getting there:

  • Airways:

    Nearest airport is the Mangalore airport which is about 130 kilometers away from Kudremukh hills. There are buses and pre-paid taxis from the airport to the destination.

  • Railways:

    Nearest railway station is the Mangalore station just 130 kilometers away from Kudremukh hills. From station there are taxis and buses available to reach destination.

  • Road ways:

    There are state transport and luxury buses available from Kudremukh hills to all the major cities of India.

Ideal time to visit:

Best time to visit Kudremukh hills is from October to May as during this period the weather is very pleasant here.