Kufri Hill Station

Kufri is small hill station nestled in the verdant valley of Himachal Pradesh at the foothills of Himalaya. It is one of the small towns in Shimla district famous for winter sports and trekking. It is at a height of 9.000 ft. above sea level, and 16 km from Shimla. The steep slopes of this town become a skiing ground for adventure sports in winter when the slopes are covered in snow. Kurfi is also known for its temperate climate and natural beauty. With its lofty peaks cloaked with snows, beautiful valleys, gushing waterfalls, captivating mountain lakes, marvelous temples and monasteries, this hill station is a paradise for any traveller.

Kufri was discovered by the British in 1819 and made Shimla their summer capital in 1864. When Shimla started gaining foothold as a favored hill station, the surrounding locality also braced up to surprise visitors. The pure air and cool breeze touch one's heart and soul gently living an everlasting impression. One can be spoiled looking at the number of picnic, hiking and trekking sites. The summer season is always as cool and refreshing here to enjoy the panoramic view of the snow-capped peaks and lush-green valleys. The summer season starts from April and lasts up to June. Winter here is also exciting since the slopes are draped in snow, which makes it perfect for skiing and tobogganing. To enjoy the winter sports, one should come here from November to February. In January, the state tourism department holds an annual winter sport festival every year.

Places to See in Kufri Hill Station

Kufri is loved because of its refreshing atmosphere that permeates throughout the town and raises the ecstasy level in tourists. Except during the rainy season, this sleepy hamlet is resonating with tourists' screams of joy and lots of hustles and bustle.

Mashru Peak

Mashru Peak is the highest peak in Kufri. This peak offers a decent trekking ground for both beginners and seasoned trekkers. The trail passes through dense cedar and spruce forest. The slope of the peak is suitable to practice skiing. One can also ride horse and yak on rent.

Himalayan Nature Park

The park is ideal to view the rare wild animals found in the peaks of the Himalaya. From here, visitors can revel looking at the snow-capped peaks of the Himalayas. The park is replete with spruce and oak trees. Scattered in between are the Deodar-Blue and the Pine-Holly clusters. Seen here are the rare varieties of Monal, Barking Deer, Hangal and Musk Deer. Adding to the charm of the park are the migratory birds flocking in numbers. The park authorities also offer guide tour facility to students.

Indira Tourist Park

The Indira Tourist Park is a historical place where The Shimla Agreement Treaty was discussed between Mrs. Indira Gandhi and Mrs. Bhutto. This park is a safe playing ground for children. Spending a whole day inside the park is easy for children as they can involve in lots of fun activities. To satisfy the hungry stomach, the park is equipped with a cafeteria and an ice cream parlour. The elders can also enjoy beer at the bear bar. A pony and a yak ride are very popular among tourists.


Fagu offers a captivating view of the Himalayan peaks. It is 25 km from Shimla and 6 km from Kufri. It is on the high slope of the Himalaya at an altitude of 2,510 metres. It serves as a camping ground for trekkers and natural lovers. One can also enjoy walking in the apple orchards and looking at the hilly potatoes in the field. Besides trekking and exploring natural beauty, Fagu is a must to visit for religious duties. There are a few temples on the upper side of the town. The one that stands among the entire temple is Banthia Devta temple, devoted to the local god. This temple helps in exploring the craftsmanship skills of the locals through the exclusive carvings work on wood mounted on the walls.

Other Fun-filled Activities at Kufri

Horse Riding

The highland of Kurfi can be best explored on horses. For this, you need not have to take a lesson in horse riding. The owners who walk holding the straps of the horses offer protection to the riders. The charges are decided how long you need to take the riding. A ride from the base of the Himlayan National Park up to the apple orchards would be around 150 rupees. If you reach a high place, do not forget to view the sunset.


Skiing is the most popular adventure sports in Kufri. It is best enjoyed in winter when the slopes are packed with tourists, and the slopes are milky white with snow. The popular spot for skiing is the Mahasu Bridge. If you happen to visit in January or February, you can enjoy the winter sports festival. The officials from the tourism department also provide training.


Kufri is a trekker's paradise. Many trekking routes will help you in exploring the beauty of the hill station. There is no need to seek any help from a guide. You can get out of your room and explore the area on your own. If you are reaching Kufri from Shimla, you better ignore bus or taxi and trek all the way collecting the nature's beauty.

How to Reach Kufri

By Air

You will be landing at Shimla if you are taking the aerial route. Flights from Shimla are available regularly from Delhi.

By Train

A train ticket to Shimla will land you closer to Kufri. The Shimla Railway Station is connected to major railway stations.

By Road

National Highway 22 is linked with Kufri. You can take this highway from Amritsar, Delhi, Manali, Chandigarh and other cities.

Kufri hill station is best to visit both in summer and winter season. If you love winter sports, come during the snowfalls. Summer is the best season to be far away from the noise and city's pollution.