Kullu Hill Station

In the heart of Himachal Pradesh lies a town that is so spellbinding and inspiring that no one can be left untouched with its beauty. The crown of the town is Kullu, which is a district, and a magnificent hill station. It is atop 1200 metres from the sea level, and flanked by the Pir Panjal, Lower and Greater Himalayan range. The primeval Beas River situates Kullu.

Kullu is a wide-open valley and a hill station stretching up to 80 km. Tourists are mesmerized finding themselves near majestic hills cloaked with pine and deodar forest, and acres of apple orchards. The pristine beauty and pleasing climate of the hill station have grabbed it epithets such as 'The Valley of Gods,' and 'The Silver Valley.'

Kullu hill station has several beautiful valleys. It was called Kulanthpitha in the ancient times. The reason behind referring it with this name is because of being the end point of human settlements. The Ramayan and Mahabharta have mentioned Kullu by its original name. There is no shortage of attractions in this hill station. The sparkling peaks capped with snow, high mountains, and dazzling rivers and sprawling lush green meadows, lakes and religious temples touch every single fibre of the body.

Places to See

Bijli Mahadev Temple

Visiting temples like shopping is a part of any vacation. India being the motherland of religions and spiritualism has several worship places. Kullu is no exception to this common phenomenon. See that you do not miss paying a visit to the Bijli Mahadev Temple. This temple is built at a height of 2,438 metres, standing 10 km opposite the Beas River. Offering prayer in this temple built in traditional Pahari style is very touching. Besides, the view of the abundant picturesque valley is a blessing in itself. The 3 km trek that leads to the temple is challenging, but all the tiredness vanishes as one reaches at the temple.

Dashir Lake

Lakes have been the major attractions in Himachal Pradesh. There are lakes that have been in existence since ages while some of them are new added. All these lakes have their own unique characters. Some are frozen during the winter whereas some are breathing all the year. The Dashir Lake is one such beautiful lake that is lying at a high elevation. It is near the famous Rohtang Pass, which is the gateway to Lahaul from Kullu. The lake is one of the true gems in the crown of Kullu. The clear blue-green water in the lake offers a view of quite a distance inside the lake. The scenic background and the mountain cliff straightaway find a place deep inside the heart.


Fishing is a nice activity to engage with. The long wait and the excitement after very catches are wonderful experience. The rivers in Kullu offer you opportunities to indulge in some of the priceless catch in the forms on trout fish. The rivers that are fed by the streams and snow are a home for trout. If you want to enjoy trout fishing, then Kasol at a distance of 42 km from the main town of Kullu is an ideal location. In addition, there are Banjar, Katrain, Tirthan, Laji, and Rasol to pick your catch.

Great Himalayan National Park

Sneaking into wilderness and being acquainted with the life of the animals are a memorable activity of any vacation. The National Park in Kullu District is the right opportunity to satisfy your curiosity of wildlife. The park is sprawling in 754 sq. km. of area. It is the one of the unexplored forests of Himachal Pradesh. It has vast alpine pastures with glaciers at the backdrop. It is inhabited by the Musk Deer, Goral, Thar, Brown Bear, Leopard, Monal, Snow Leopard, Serow, Sow Cock, Cheer, Tragopan all that are seen in the forest of Western Himalayas.

Gurudwara Shri Narayan Hari

The Gurudwara is a fruit of devotion and extreme belief in god of Saint Shri Narayan Hari. The Saint left his native place, which is Kamalpur in Pakistan in 1940 and reached Kullu. At that time, the place where the Gurudwara is built was totally a neglected area. Whatever fewer identities the area had were the two hot springs. The Saint made the Gurudwara his home and served for 50 long years until his last breath. Today, the Gurudwara can accommodate 4000 pilgrims and provide them a free meal. Another sacred placed near the Gurudwara is the artificial cave where the Saint used to meditate for 40 continuous days every once a year.

Kullu Dussehra Fair

The Dussehra festival of Kullu is a grand event that is to be witnessed in person. During the day of main celebration, the idols of Lord Ram, Goddess Sita and Laxman are mounted on a finely decorated palanquin, and the procession is taken from the temple to the core part of the town and then back to its original place. Looking at the thousands of devotees flanking the procession just to have a view of the idols not only feels proud to look at but also reminds about our culture.

Parashuram Temple

The temple is built in Nirmand village in traditional Pahari style with double-storey. The roof of the temple is gabled, and has a small courtyard. The entrance to the temple is provided from the western side. Ancient artifacts are stored at the northern side of the temple. The wooden balconies are nicely carved and don pillars with images from mythological stories. The statue of Parashuram has three heads. It was gifted by the queen of Kashmir Agartala in 900 AD. A diamond is used to show the central eye of the statue.

How to Reach Kullu

By Air

Bhuntar town has an airport which is serviced by Indian Airlines and other private airlines. The airport is 10 km from the Kullu and is named as Kullu-Manali airport.

By Train

Being at a daunting elevation, Kullu is not accessible by rail. However, tourists can choose Chandigarh or Pathankot. Both cities have broad gauge railheads. The nearest narrow gauge railway station is at Jonginder Nagar, 100 km from Kullu.

By Road

Travelling to Kullu via road has a different charm altogether. The road is connected to other cities of Himachal Pradesh and other states.

Kullu hill station can be visited throughout the year depending on the type of vacation you are seeking. If you need to rush away from the summer heat, then March to June is best for you. If adventure tourism is what you are seeking for, then visit here from September to November. December to February is convenient season to enjoy river rafting, and skiing.