Mahabaleshwar Hill Station

Mahabaleshwar is a splendid town, and a hill station located at the highest altitude of 1372 metres above sea level. It is a large plateau in the Western Ghats range making it the largest hill station in Maharashtra. It is located very close to Pune and Mumbai and is a part of Satara district. Col. Peter Lodwick discovered it in April 1824. The place where he stepped first is named after him to honour his discovery.

Mahabaleshwar hill station is well known for its pleasant climate, evergreen forests, soaring peaks, gushing rivers, waterfalls, lakes, and wide-stretched green valleys. The British loved this place, and made it the summer capital of Maharashtra. The popularity it garnered during the colonial period is continued. Many tourists be they Indians or foreigners visit this hill station in summer to rescue themselves from the heat.

It has become a popular holiday destination for honeymooners. Besides, it is a pilgrimage site because of an old temple the town has been named after. It is also famous for strawberry and honey. In fact, the strawberries production has become the main source of income for the locals, and hence it is also called the "Land of Strawberries."

There are altogether 25 to 30 interesting points in this hill station. The most famous ones are the Lodwick Point, Bombay Point, Elephant's Head Point, Wilson Point, and the Lingmala Falls. To access these attractions, taxis and auto can be hired. One can also go horse riding until the point. Another favourite activity offered here is boat riding.

Places to See

Lodwick Point

Travelling to the west of Mahabaleshwar and completing a 5 km distance will bring you to the Lodwick Point at 4067 ft. above sea level. It was previously the Sydney Point. However, it was renamed since Col. Lodwick scaled it first. In memory of this wonderful discovery, his son erected a memorial pole. The pole is 25 ft. tall and covered with iron-railings. The point is jutting out in between two deep gorges. The view one gets from here is charismatic.

Bombay Point

Coming to Mahabaleshwar and not seen the sunset is a total waste of your vacation. If you have the slightest imagination about the beauty of the sunset, then you have to rush towards the Bombay Point. In fact, this point is popular as the Sunset point. Tourists gather here to view the glory of the setting sun and bathing in the orange and red colours sprayed by the sun in the sky. It is the oldest point and is dotted with lots of trees that never lose their green even in the dry summer. Honeymooners can enjoy the lovers point as well at the left of the Bombay point. Families can have a relaxing and enjoyable picnic.

Elephant's Head Point

Elephant's Head Point is an attractive point. A cliff is jutting out from the point that is exactly in a shape of elephant's head and trunk that correspond with the name of the point. This vantage point offers a surreal view of the Sahyadri ranges. It is accessible by taking a pony ride and cross the Lodwick point since it is at the extreme end.

Wilson Point

Wilson Point is nicknamed as the Sunrise Point. It is the highest point in Mahabaleshwar perched at 4700 ft. above sea level. A round platform is constructed on the top for ease of the visitors for enjoying the view of the sunrise. This is a vast plateau where three tall watchtowers are erected for some kind of observation.

Morarji Castle

Morarji Castle is the reminiscent of the British raj. It is an old building constructed in British architecture style adding the old charm to this beautiful hill station. It was the same castle where Mahatma Gandhi stayed in 1945 during the freedom struggle movement. With the castle, one can also see other old colonial building dotting the area.

Venna Lake

The architecture of the Venna Lake is the king of Satara known as Shri Appasaheb Maharaj. The lake was dug in 1842 and is filled by the springs. It has an impressive length of 28 acres. It is circled with hordes of trees from three sides. The boat ride in the lake is most popular with the tourists. However, the best time to go boating in this lake is in winter evening when the surface of the lake is covered with fog, cruising through which feels like sailing through the clouds. The nearby plain area around the lake is good for horse riding.

Mahabaleshwar Temple

Mahabaleshwar temple is the landmark of this hill station. Tourists come to this temple unfailingly to offer respect to Lord Shiva, who is the presiding deity. It is the same temple that has offered the hill station its name. Lord Shiva is regarded the most powerful god among all gods, he is revered here as Mahabali. The temple has two sections. The main one includes the sanctum and another is a central hall where devotees can submerge in their thoughts and spiritual considerations.

How to Reach Mahabaleshwar

By Air

Pune city is the nearest major city to Mahableshwar. Since Pune has an airport which is connected to all cities, one can comfortably land here, and proceed either by a taxi, or a bus to cover 120 km for reaching the hill station.

By Train

Though Wathar Railway Station is 60 km and nearest to Mahabaleshwar, it is still better to get down at Pune as the transportation facilities are readily available.

By Road

Mahabaleshwar is connected by road to all metro cities of India. The State Transport and Private Tourist Bus ply from all places to Mahabaleswar.

We have provided the most popular and must visit points in Mahabaleshwar Hill Stations. As said above, there are several spots to know the hill station completely. If you are prepared with budget and time, see that you miss nothing.