Nilgiri Hills - The Blue Mountains

Nilgiri Hills

Nilgiri hills have a peculiar characteristic due to which it has been named so. The blue colour of the hills is responsible for the name. These hills are generally an extension of mountains starting from the state of Kerala. However, much part of the hills lies in Tamil Nadu State touching Coimbatore and Cochin. In fact, the hills are a chain of the Western Ghats forming an edge of the Deccan Plateau to the southwest. The Nilgiri District, which is a part of Tamil Nadu, is located in these hills.

The Moya River to the north separates Karnataka Plateau from the hills. The Palghat Gap further disconnects the hills to the south from the Anaimalai Hills and the Palni Hills. Due to its blue colour, the Niligiri hills are also called the 'Blue Mountains.' The height of these hill ranges from 7524 ft. to 7557 ft. Doddabetta is the highest peak at an altitude of 8655 ft.

Nilgiri Hills draw a large number of tourists across the continents each year. The fantastic hills, enamoring valley, verdant greenery, milky waterfalls, wide acres of tea estates, and pleasant weather are the reason tourists happily head to the hills for a summer vacation. No wonder it is also called the 'Greenland of the South.'

The following are some of the popular hill station in Nilgiri Hills:

Ooty Hill Station

Ooty hill station is a tourist destination every Indian wishes to visit once in their lifetime. It is also famous for foreign tourists as well. It is in the Niligiri hills and situated at a height of 7484 ft. It is rightly nicknamed as the 'Queen of Hill Station' because of amass treasure of natural beauty. The beauty of the hill station is so legendary that it has become a favourite place among the filmmakers to shoot movie songs. The towering mountains, sprawling meadows, abundant in greenery and the tea gardens simply make tourists go crazy.

Ooty is a complete tourist package. Nothing is to be left after landing in this hill station. Be it gardens, scaling highest peak, taking a boat ride on the lake, watching wildlife from an unbelievable distance, and brushing up with the tribal culture at the museum, every single activity will offer you something exciting and cherishing. The most beautiful places in Ooty are the following:

Rose Garden

The Rose Garden is the pride of Ooty. It is included in the list of 35 exclusive gardens in the world. The Rose Garden that is the greatest testimony Ooty can flaunt about has bagged the South Asian Award for Garden of Excellence conferred by the World Federation of Rose Societies. The overwhelming number of roses in the garden will leave you in trance. It is just impossible to look in twenty thousand different roses in a single day. The roses blooming in the garden are secured from all the places of the world that are known for experimenting and giving birth to new breed of roses.

The garden is maintained by the Tamil Nadu State. It is sprawling in a gigantic space of four hectares. The varieties of roses are beyond one's imagination. There are even roses, which have a strange combination of black and green colours. The effort people put in daily in keeping the garden spick and span is worth commemorating.

Ooty Lake

Though human cannot repeat or reach closer to the nature's charisma, at least humankind can try to replicate something that could give the same kind of pleasure borne from natural things. The Ooty Lake is one example that has been created by humans for recreational purposes. It was meant for fishing at the starting, but due to the natural surroundings and backdrops, it soon caught the eyes of tourists who began to flock here regularly. During the summer, a boat race on this lake is held that is very thrilling and exciting to watch. There are even boats available for a ride, and boathouses to stay on the lake. The additional attraction of the lake is the mountain train that passes through the mountain on one side of the lake. Though lots of weeds and pollution have plagued the lake, it is still worth a visit.

Government Museum

The Government Museum in Ooty was built in 1989. It is one of the prime attractions in the hill station and offers a deep insight on the Todas tribes who are the natives inhabiting the Ooty hill station. Though now there is not much population of the tribes here, the museum is the only source to know about their culture. The museum has in display different tribal objects. All the crafts, sculptures and daily use objects highlight the life of the Todas lives.

How to Reach Nilgiri Hills

By Air

Reaching closer to the Nilgiri hill station via flights is possible by landing at the Coimbatore Airport which is 105 km from Ooty.

By Rail

Ooty is the nearest narrow gauge railway station. This station is linked with Mettupalayam which is 47 km and is further connected to Coimbatore and Chennai.

By Road

Approaching Ooty in Nilgiri hills by road is not a problem as the roads are well maintained by the state government.

Nilgiri hills have many beautiful hill stations among which Ooty is the most prominent tourist destination known worldwide. The hills have plenty of natural attractions that are awe-inspiring and captivating.