Renuka Hill Station - For a Pampered Vacation

Renuka Hill Station

Himachal Pradesh is of the prime most attraction in the north of India. It is one of those states in India that is called by several names born from exclamation expressed by commoners and famous people. The state is amongst the ancient regions in the country and, hence it is known as the Land of the Gods. Heading to this state has become a second nature to every honeymooners, vacationers, trekkers and nature lovers. The scenic landscapes, trove of greenery, wide meadows, scintillating lakes, orchards, mystical springs, trekking trails, skiing grounds, etc. are worth for a vacation. No wonder millions of tourists from far-off places come to visit Himachal Pradesh.

When you travel in this state, you will feel as if the nature is speaking to you every moment. Every area within the state is a fascinating destination in itself. One of the places that may not be big in terms of size, but its stature owing to the beauty it beholds is worth admiring. That place is Renuka Hill Station. This enticing hill station is in Sirmour district, and at 672 metre above sea level. It is called by the name from a lake, which is very famous and largest lake in the state. Tourists come here from all places once a year, but for people staying in Delhi, Ambala and Chandigarh, this hill station is almost like a weekend trip owing to distance.

Places to See

Renuka Lake

When you are in the town, you will never miss the Renuka Lake. For it is so famous that any local will guide you to the place and offer a suggestion to visit it. The lake has become synonymous with the hill station. It attracts people not only for its beauty but also because of its spiritualism. It is named after the goddess Renuka, who was the mother of Sage Parshuram. It has formed a shape that is similar to a woman in a reclining position. A temple at the bank of the lake is dedicated to the goddess. It was built in a day in the 18th century. The presence of the temple, the green hills and the steep valleys are the charming factors of the lake. A fair at the temple organized once in a year in November is the famous festival of this hill station.

Wildlife Park

The wildlife park is situated near to the Renuka Lake, which makes visiting it more convenient. Tourists can enjoy both these attractions in a same day. The wildlife sanctuary is not big and is spread in just 4,028 sq. km of area. There are good numbers of Sambhar, Chital, Hog Deer and Barking Deer. A jeep ride through the park is best to watch animals closely, especially the lions. Besides, there is a fair number of peacock, aquatic birds and black-pheasant in the park. If visitors who love to stay amidst nature and animals, there is a tourist bungalow inside the sanctuary for accommodation. A cafeteria takes care of visitors refreshment needs.

Gayatri Temple

Gayatri Temple is another sacred place testifying the sanctity of the hill station. It is built to the left side of the Renuka Lake and is attributed to goddess Gayatri. It has a divine statue of the Maa Gayatri, who is the mother of the Vedas, with 5 faces and 1.60 metre tall. The temple also houses marble statues of the trinity gods - Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva.


Nahan is a picturesque town that stands as an entry point to the Renuka Lake. It is famous as zero-pollution town. It has many bewitching tourist destinations. With its fame and popularity as a tourist place, it is also known for its history. The Ranzor Palace is the landmark and captivating attraction in the town and the erstwhile residence of the ruler. Then tourists can visit the Rani Tal which is a lake used by the royal families for their leisure. While you are enjoying the lake, do not forget to visit the Suketi Fossil Park. The park is known for holding fossils of the extinct species that once dominated the land. The fossils are made of fiber and are best to see the gigantic sizes of the once roaming species. There is also something for those who never leave behind religious importance even on vacation. Tourists can show their religious inclination by visiting the Jagannath Temple, built by Raja Budh Prakash in 1681.

How to Reach Renuka Hill Station

By Air

Tourists visiting the Renuka hill station by flights can choose any one airport between Dehradun and Chandigarh. Indian Airlines and other private companies serve both these airports. Visitors also have an option to get down at Gagal Aiport near Dharmashala.

By Rail

There are three major railway stations to reach closer to Renuka hill station. They are Dehradun, Ambala, Chandigarh, and Pathankot.

By Road

Bus services offered by the Himachal and Punjab State Governments connect Renuka with other cities.

Renuka hill station offers many accommodation facilities for tourists. There is budget as well as luxurious hotels, resorts and rest houses. Tourists can visit the hill station in any season.