Saputara - A Verdant Treasure of Vibrant Gujarat

Saputara Hill Station

If someone has to name a state in India that has made its appearance on the world tourism map, then Gujarat would surely be one of the names people would suggest. Gujarat has a trove of tourist destinations that are best to look at and drink their beauty. The state has such an interesting history and diversity in its culture and tradition that crossing off its name from the list of places to visit is almost impossible.

There are several good reasons to visit the state such as the history, culture and the colourful festivals. However, if one has to see its beauty, then they must head to Saputara, a small tranquil town and a hill station in the Dang district of Gujarat. The Saputara hill station is lying at a height of 3000 ft. above sea level on a Sahyadri ranges plateau snuggled in between the Dang forest.

The Saputara town is developed as a hill resort without causing any threat to its rich bio-diversity and natural beauty. To make the visitors comfortable, there are several hotels boosting of modern facilities. There are facilities of swimming pools, boating, ropeways, and theaters for entertainment.

Though the Saputara hill station is for all to enjoy their vacation, the youth enjoy every single day during their stay than other age groups. This is because there are so many trekking trails and camping opportunities here. Trekking the forest, and the hill while enjoying the greenery are some of the precious moment you can collect.

Places to See

Saputara Lake

The main attraction in the hill station is the Saputara Lake. A boat club at the bank of the lake offers boating facilities to tourists. There are various types of boats to enjoy the lake. Taking a boat ride on the lake is a must to do in the hill station.

Botanical Garden

To watch nature closely is a unique experience. The activity is not only refreshing, but also something to ponder over the majesty of the nature. Just 50 km from Saputara is a Botanical Garden that is so huge that it houses overwhelming numbers of 1400 different plants collected from all over India. The garden is spread on 24 acres of land where visitors can relish every sip of the colourful dishes spread all over. Looking at the varieties of bamboos such as Golden Bamboo, the Chinese Bamboo, and Beer Bottle Bamboo are special attraction in this garden. The walkways in the garden are so beautifully carved that even the tired feet will not stop from strolling on it.

Gira Waterfalls

Gujarat has many waterfalls that are flowing throughout the year. However, the Gira Waterfall is the only seasonal cascade that takes birth only when the monsoon season brings enough rain. It is located 50 km opposite the Saputara-Waghai Road, and is fed by the Kapri tributary. Its charm is best to witness during the rainy season when it falls down from a natural cliff from a height of 30 metres and drains into the Ambika River. To reach here, one can hire a jeep, and the best time is from June to November.

Mahal Forest

Urban people never get a chance to view wildlife from a close angle. That is why they do not miss any chance to peek into the life of animals. The Mahal Forest in Saputara is one of the thick and dense forests within the state of Gujarat where tourists can explore the wildlife. Since there are many endangered species in the forest, it is protected by the forest department. It is 70 km from Saputara, can be reached in a taxi. However, to enter the forest, permission from the authorities is necessary.

Unnai Mata Temple and Hot Spring

Temple and hot springs in India have close association since ages. The list is quite long if one has to find such types of locations. The special thing about the temples and hot springs are the mysticism and extraordinary healing power. The curious nature of humans always forces them to visit such places. In Saputara, tourist can find mysticism and spiritual benevolence at Unnai Mata Temple and Hot Spring. The hot spring is in the temple complex where devotees bathe in order to be healed from certain chronic illness.


Villages in and around the hill stations have unique characteristics that attract tourists. Watching the simplicity of the people and their unpolluted atmosphere sometimes make people realize what they are missing. If you visit Ambapada which is 50 km from Saputara, you will surely wish to make a home for yourself here. The village belongs to the Dang community. It is replete with the tall bamboo plantation that showers greenery on it. The bamboo trees are the only bread and butter of the villagers who make toys and lamps from it.

Vansda National Park

The Vansada National Park was once the hunting ground of the royal families of Vansda. Then a thick forest is now turned into a park for wildlife habitat. The park is not big, but it houses tigers, pythons, antelopes, giant squirrels, pangolin, wild cats, etc. It is under the vigilance of the forest department of Gandhinagar, and forms a group of moist deciduous forest in Gujarat. Trekkers can enjoy trailing the dense bamboo plantation, which is possible from a prior approval of the Chief Wildlife Warden.

Sunrise Point

All hill stations have a specific vantage point from where the view of the rising sun is possible. The Saputra hill station also has a sunrise point from where one can see the sun casting its light over places. With this fantastic view, one can also enjoy the adjoining beauty. However, do not restrict yourself from visiting this point only at the time of sunrise taking a clue from its name. The point is best to visit any time during the day if one has to receive a panoramic view.

Tribal Museum

The Saputara hill station is covered with forests, which is home to the tribes. The vast population of this community celebrates an annual festival known as Dangs Durbar just seven days before the Holi festival. To display the tradition and culture of the tribes, a Tribal Museum is established here. The museum displays weapons, utensils, musical instruments, bamboo articles, and lots more.

How to Reach Saputara

By Air

Nearest airport is at Surat which is 172 km from Saputara.

By Rail

Billimora is the nearest railway station for tourist coming from the state and Mumbai.

By Road

Saputara is well connected with Gujarat and Maharashtra. Both the states offer bus services to the hill station.

Saputara hill station with its tranquil atmosphere, abundant greenery and numerous trekking treks are things to experience every time whenever one gets a chance to sneak away from mundane routine.