Wayanad Hill Station

Wayanad Hill Station, Kerala
Wayanad Hill Station

About Wayanad Hill Station

Wayanad hill is the most charming and amazing hill station in kerela state. This place is well-known for coffee, tea, rubber, cardamom and pepper plantation that spreads all over the hills of Wayanad. Some of these are exported to other countries also. Wayanad hills have derived its name from the word Vayanandu that means 'the land of paddy field'. This place was established in the 1980 and is the 12th district of Kerala.

Tourists come here in search of peace and calm as this place is situated far from the hum drum of the city life. The environment of this place is so marvelous that people visiting this place fall in love with this place. Wayanad hills are a perfect place for natural lovers as to enjoy the scenic beauty and the picturesque of the hills. People who are adventure lovers will enjoy their time in trekking, mountain climbing and river rafting as this place is perfect for all these activities. There are trained people who guide's us for safety ride.

In and around Wayanad hills:

Wayanad wildlife sanctuary:

Wayanad wildlife sanctuary was establish in the year 1973, and is rich in bio-diversity. This place is so wonderful that it is a must visit place in Wayanad hills. The total area it covers is about 344 square kilometers. This sanctuary is an important part of the Nilgiri bio-sphere reserve.

Edakkal caves:

This place is located just about 12 kilometers away from Sultan's battery. This cave has two rocks at Ambukutty hills. There are beautiful carvings of human beings and symbolic writing which includes humans and figures of animals. Edakkal means 'a stone placed between two huge rocks'.

Thirunelly temple:

This is situated about just 32 kilometers away from Mananthavady; this temple is a place where lord Vishnu is worshipped. This temple is about 3000 years old. This temple is located just besides the Papanashini River, on the Brahma giri hills. The architecture of the temple is very different from the other temples, as this place of pilgrimage is sheltered with granite all over. There is a small water pound inside the temple which is called as Pancha Theertha.

Pookot Lake:

This lake is the most attractive place of the Wayanad hills. Pookot Lake is surrounded by the huge mountains and dense forest; it is the lake of fresh and natural water. People enjoy boating in this lake as the water is as clean as crystal.


There are many hotels, resorts and lodges available here ranging from luxury class to economic class. Theses hotels and resorts are well equipped and provided with all extra amenities to the tourists.

Getting there

  • Airways:

    Nearest airport to Wayanad hill is the Kozhikode airport which is about 100 kilometers.

  • Railways:

    Nearest railway station is the Calicut station which is about 100 kilometers away from Wayanad hills.

  • Roads ways:

    There are state transport buses and luxury buses available from Wayanad hills to all major cities of India.

Ideal time to visit Wayanad hill:

Best time to visit Wayanad hills is from October to April as the weather during this season is very pleasant and you can have a great holiday with your family and friends.