Kalimpong Hill Station

Kalimpong Hill Station in West Bengal

STD/ISD Codes - 03552 Kalimpong Hill Station
Kalimpong hills are located in West Bengal in northeast part of the state. It is surrounded by the other states such as Sikkim, Bhutan and Nepal. A very famous river that flows through the Kalimpong hills is the Teesta River.

This place is crowded with local as well as international tourists throughout the year. This place is popular for cactus and orchids flowers. Most of the time cactus and other flowers are exported to others countries of the world.

Kalimpong is lying in the thriving green mid ranges of Himalayas. The peaceful atmosphere of the Kalimpong hills holds the visitors for a long period of time. People in search of fresh air and peace from hustle bustle of the city life come here. Kalimpong hills provide great experience for the natural lovers as they can do river rafting in the Teesta River watching the marvelous view of the hills.

Kalimpong is covered with flowers all around; there are flowers everywhere, flower valley, flower field and flowers export. About 80 percent of gladioli's and orchids are planted here and even exported. There is a very famous sericulture Research institute here silkworms are breed and finally silk is produced out of them.

In and around Kalimpong

Flowers nurseries:

Kalimpong produces about 80 percent of gladioli and orchid which are exported across the world.


Kalibari is just 2 kilometers away from the Kalimpong town here there is a huge statue of the goddess Kali; this is the main attraction of the temple.

Durpin Dara:

This is the highest point in Kalimpong hills which offers some amazing and breathtaking view of the valleys, Teesta Rivers, waterfalls, and plains.

St. Theresa church:

St. Theresa church has an influence of Buddhism in its architecture. This is built by the local craftsmen. The figures on the walls depict Buddhist monks.

Kalimpong is an ideal place for trekking and river rafting which gives an adventures experience for the tourists. Your ride through river teesta can give you some incredible vista of the water fall, dense forest, flower bed and huge valleys. There are many trekking routes for the tourists interested in trekking with all the facilities available for the tour with all safety rules.


For people who are interested in shopping there is a market which is open during Wednesday and Saturday's only. There are souvenir hunters; there is a wide variety of handicraft, wood carving, bags and embroidered items. There are Tibetans jewelry, purses and artifacts also available in the market.

Places to stay:

There are many options for accommodation available here. Hotels and resorts ranging from luxury to economic class are there with all amenities and they offer right kind of hospitality for the tourists.

Getting there:

  • Airways:

    Nearest airport is the Bagdogra airport which is just 80 kilometers away from Kalimpong hills. There are pre-paid taxis and local buses available from airport to the destination.

  • Railways:

    Nearest railway station are the siliguri station and the new jalpaiguri railway station.

  • Road ways:

    It is just 50 kilometers from Darjeeling. There are state transport and luxury buses from Kalimpong as it is well-connected to all the major cities of north India.

Ideal time to visit:

Best time to visit Kalimpong hills is from April to June as during this period the weather is very cold here.