Indian Tourist Maps

Indian tourist maps are a must-buy if you want to make the most out of the time you invest in your trip. It is not easy to take some time-out from your busy schedule and plan a good outing with your family. Hence, buying a standard map can be a wise deal to plan the trip well and avoid missing out any of the important spots.

Why tourist map?

India is a vast country including 28 states and 7 union territories. Some states are formed on the basis of religion, some on language, and some others on the basis of their geographical location. Also, the land is a house for more than 60 major pilgrimage spots and hundreds of temples, mosques, and churches. More than 30 major sites in the country are declared as world heritage sites by UNESCO. There are more than 441 wildlife sanctuaries and 80 prime national parks spread across various states. India is also one of the major tiger reserves in the world and has around 42 sites in this category to its credit. Being a strategic location for administration in the olden times, the number of forts easily exceeds the 500 mark. Also, there are more than 20 prime caves (some of them belonging to the ancient era) and each one is uniques in its own way.

Considering the above figures, it is almost impossible to plan a good tour without studying your outing destination in detail. Transportation, standard of the infrastructure and other facilities available, food habits, language used, cultural values, and societal traditions in the area are some other factors you are expected to consider before finalizing a spot. Though most of the information is available on-line, there is no assurance that you will get consistent connectivity throughout the trip. Thus, possessing a handy map is quite logical, affordable, and advantageous to tackle any urgent alterations in the trip plans without wasting much of your time and money.

Types of Indian Tourist Maps

Road-atlas is the most common type of map preferred by tourists. It focuses on the basic details like the road distance between two or more locations, modes of transport available, important areas of interest, and clearly displays the latest network of road routes. Some other details displayed are hotels, banks, restaurants, and administrative buildings in the area. They may also include other important information like location of the airports, prime bus junctions, railway stations, important food junctions, and shopping malls.

City atlas is an important topographical depiction focusing on a particular town or metropolitan area and includes almost all the major and minor details within the region. It is an important handy guide displaying various important spots like the schools, colleges, hospitals, religious places etc in the respective city.

District atlas has a larger scope and provides you with the relevant information related to a district. It covers aspects like the towns, cities, and panchayats, in the region. Some other areas covered are district and sessions courts, hospitals, educational institutions, sanctuaries, and national parks.

State road atlas is a larger version of the district map and covers all the districts, towns, cities, and other areas falling within its geographical boundaries. It clearly displays important roads, state highways, national highways, airports, leading hospitals, important cultural and economic centers, places of pilgrimage, national parks, and sanctuaries.

India road atlas is the most comprehensive tourist guide and includes almost all the major details necessary for touring the country. Its main focus is on providing information about the feasible road, rail, air, and water routes to travel from one point to another. The booklet may also include a list of leading hotels, hospitals, emergency helpline numbers, police stations, consulates, and other important administrative and non-administrative institutions related directly or indirectly to the welfare and protection of the tourists.

There are a few other forms of maps designed for special purposes. Some of the common categories are thematic, topographic, physical, political, economic, and climate. Thematic pattern is useful to display a particular theme like the change in demographic pattern, alteration in sex ratio, or change in the pattern of vegetation. They are mainly referred for educational purpose or to conduct surveys . Topographic type covers the physical details like terrain, valleys, mountains, rivers etc and is important if you are planning to visit highly remote areas like forests and deserts. On such maps, any elevation changes are systematically represented through suitable spacing of contour lines at regular intervals.

Physical pattern resembles to be a kind of topographic one the only difference being the way of representation of elevation and the colors used for the purpose. They can be used to understand different mountain peaks, forest areas, and other physical features of the area you wish to visit. Political map is another commonly used pattern and represents the country's political aspects. Major towns, cities, districts, states, state-capitals, major areas of trade and transport etc are represented well in such pattern. Climate maps serve the special purpose of understanding climatic conditions in the area of your interest so that you can make other arrangements accordingly. Economic pattern is useful to know about the economic development in the area and the status of natural resources in the region.

Indian tourist maps are generally published with prior permission from the Survey of India and must be designed according to the standard format provided by them. Hence, always look for authentic maps to understand the area well so that you are assured of the location and the routes to reach there safely.

Tourist Maps of India

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Tamil NaduPunjab
KarnatakaUttar Pradesh
Himachal PradeshUttaranchal
Madhya PradeshMaharashtra
West BengalArunachal Pradesh
NagalandDaman and Diu

Maps of India Territories :
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