Jama Masjid

Information on Jama Masjid, Delhi, India
Jama Masjid
Jama Masjid

Jama Masjid of Delhi is the largest mosque in India. The Jama Masjid is located in the old city. It stands in front of the Red Fort across the road. It projects beautifully into the Old-Delhi skyline. It was built between 1644 and 1658.

Jama Masjid is one of the last architectural works done by Mughal emperor Shah Jahan. The spacious courtyard of the Jama Masjid does hold thousands of Muslim faithfuls at a time. It was built in red sandstone and marble with the help of more than 5000 labors and artisans. It was originally called as the Masjid-i-Jahan-Numa, which means mosque commanding view of the world. The Masjid stands at the center of the capital city of the Mughals, Shahjahanbad i.e. Delhi.

The Jama Masjid was completed under the supervision of the Prime Minister of Shah Jahan, Saadullah Khan. A total sum of 10 lakhs was spent on the construction of this holy place.

The Jama Masjid is built on a red sandstone porch, which is about 10 meters (30 feet) from the level of the ground and is about 1200 square meter in extent. It has three gateways in all, it has two minarets and four towers. The gateways in the south and north are led by a fleet of steps. The main entrance is on the eastern side facing towards the red fort. It is believed that it was used by the emperors. The Jama Masjid tower is made up of five distinctive stories. Each one of the story has a projecting balcony. The adjoining edifices are also beautifully calligraphed.

The first three stories of the tower are made of red sandstone but the fourth one is made of marble, while the fifth is made of sandstone. The Jama Masjid has verses inscribed from the holy Quaran and is covered with intricate carvings. The grand Lal Qila (Red fort) stands on the eastern side of the Jama Masjid. The main prayer hall of Jama Masjid is made up of marble domes and high cusped arches. The cabinet in the north gate of the Masjid contains a collection of Muhammad's relics like a red beard-hair of the prophet, the Quran written on deerskin, his sandals and his footprints, implanted in a marble block etc.


As the Jama Masjid is situated in the heart of the capital city of India, you are served with numerous options. In old Delhi i.e. around Jama Masjid you can get many low cost and medium cost hotels and lodges. If you head towards New Delhi, you can have numerous options of 3 star, 5 star and 7 star hotels.

Getting There:

  • Airways:

    Indira Gandhi International Airport of New Delhi is directly connected to all the important cities in the world with all the majors in the airlines industry.

    Palam Airport is the Domestic Airport which connects Delhi to the other cities of India. From both airports you can hire vehicles like taxi or auto rikshaw.

  • Railways:

    Being a capital, Delhi is very well connected to every part of India by train. Old Delhi, Hajrat Nijamuddin and New Delhi are the main railheads in Delhi. You have an exclusive option of metro railway to roam in the city for your fast moving.

  • Road ways:

    By road you can come to Delhi by numerous bus options or taxi. All types of vehicles will take you here. You can hire a taxi, auto rikshaw or cycle rikshaw to reach Jama Masjid. You also have an option of public transport buses for cheaper way of transportation.