Gingee Fort

Information on Gingee Fort, Tamil Nadu, India
Gingee Fort, Tamil Nadu

Gingee also pronounced, as "Shingee" is 37-km east of Thiruvannamalai. Gingee is famous for a fort complex dating back to 13th century, located on the 3 different hill summit covering 3-km boundary area. The Chola Dynasty built Gingee fort. The indomitable courage and valour of its erstwhile rulers made Father Pinments, a priest to call the Gingee Fort the "Troy of the East".

The Vijayanagar emperors, Marathas and the Mughals occupied it after the Cholas and it was in the hands of the French and British rulers also for sometime.

In 1638, Gingee went under control of Bijapur Sultanate from the hold of the Vijayanagar emperors. Then it went to Maratha hero Shivaji in 1677, to Mughal in 1690, to French in 1750 and to British in 1762. Vekataramana Temple is the largest temple in Gingee, which was built by Muthiah Nayaka in 1550 AD.