Information on Buddhism

Buddhism religion in India was developed in the late 500 B.C.'s and was founded by Siddhartha Gautama. Buddha was born as Siddharta Gautama in Lumbini and lived in India. Buddhism was against certain features of Hinduism like the worship of many deites and supernatural powers, castism, and the power of the Hindu priest class.

Buddha taught the way to gain Nirvana - "a state of perfect peace and happiness". The people have to free themselves from wordly things to achieve 'Nirvana'. The preachings of Buddha made many followers of his. Buddhism had spread in to central Asia. Buddhism swept through much of China from 300's to 500s, challenging the native Chinese religions of Confucianism and Taoism, Buddhism spread to Korea and Japan.

There are two orders in Buddhism - Hinayana and Mahayana. Mahayana communities are more active in welfare and education and are centered in Japan and China. Mahayana Buddhists live in Japan, Korea, Mangolia, Nepal, Tibet, and scattered parts of India and Russia. Hinayana communities have a more strict daily life and members spend much time in meditation. Burma, Cambodia, Laos, Srilanka, and Thailand are mostly affected by Hinayana Buddhism.

Four Noble Truths proclaimed by Buddha.
  1. Life is sorrow
  2. Cause for sorrow is craving.
  3. Removing the cause of craving will end sorrow.
  4. The way that leads to the ending of sorrow is the noble Eight-Fold path.
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