Buddhist Pilgrimages

Information on Buddhist Pilgrimages

Buddhist temples of East :

1. Itanagar (Arunachal Pradesh):

Nearest Airport: Lilabari- 67 Kms
Railway Station: Harmutty- 40 Kms.

2. Bodhgaya (Bihar):

Most holy centre for Buddhists.
Nearest Airport: Gaya- 5 Kms.
Railway Station: Gaya- 5 Kms.


3. Enchey (Gangtok): Festivals held at Buddhist Monastery.

4. Rumtek (24 Kms from Gangtok): Festival held annually.

5. Pemayangtse (137 Kms from Gangtok):
Pilgrim centre attracting Buddhists for 2 - day dance festival in February.

6. Tashiding Monastery (reached by a trek):

Buddhist shrine containing sacred pot of holy water.
Nearest Airport:Bagdogra-124 Km from Gangtok.
Railway Station:Siliguri-114 Km from Gangtok.

Buddhist Monastry :

1. Leh:

Buddhist monastery associated with Guru Padmasambhava.
Nearest Airport: Leh
Railway Station: Jammu- 739 Kms.

2. Kushinagar (Kasia) - (Uttar Pradesh):

Spot where Bhagwan Buddha attained Mahaparinirvana.
Nearest Airport: Gorakhpur- 53 Km
Railway Station: Gorakhpur- 53 Km

3. Sankasia (Uttar Pradesh):

Spot where Bhagwan Buddha descended after preaching to his mother in heaven.
Nearest Airport: Agra - 141 Km
Railway Station: Pakhna - 11 Km

4. Sarnath (Uttar Pradesh):

Where Bhagwan Buddha preached his first sermon.
Nearest Airport: Varanasi- 10 Km
Railway Station: Varanasi- 10 Km

5. Sravasti (Saheth-Maheth):

Centre known for one of the miracles of Bhagwan Buddha.
Nearest Airport: Gorakhpur
Railway Station: Balrampur- 29 Km.

6. Sanchi (Madhya Pradesh):

Ancient Buddhist Centre and new Buddhist Vihara.
Nearest Airport: Bhopal- 46 Km
Railway Station: Sanchi Bhopal- 46 Km.