Cathedral Church of the Redemption

Cathedral Church of the Redemption, New Delhi, India

Cathedral Church of the Redemption is one of the sacred places of pilgrimage for Christians. This church was designed by the famous designer named Henry Medd and he built this church between the years 1927 to 1935. This church has a marvelous architecture and he was so impressed by its domes and high curved arches that it is known as the Viceroy's church. The actually shape of this church appears like a birthday cake and of the domes is like a candle on it. The exterior of this church is quite simple and beautiful; this design is contrast to the magnificent and splendor of its interior. While building this church one important thing that was kept in mind was that it should be cool even in summer. The church has delicate domes and arches that are so beautiful that they win heart of Lord Irwin, who was a Viceroy. He has gifted a silver cross and an organ to this church. This was as a gesture of thanks to the church that he had survived from a fatal accident in the year 1929. This church has a very huge hall that can accommodate about 1000 to 2000 people at a time for prayers. This church also has a beautiful altar. There are adorned tinted glass windows that add more beauty to the church, which attracts thousands of people to have a visit here. When the light enters through the glass window it seems that groups of angles are looking inside.

People come to this church with a strong belief that all their wishes are granted here. People specially come here to confess all their mistakes and ask for forgiveness. There are thousands of people who confess and get rid of their entire burden and live a free life hence forth. People visiting this place offer prayer for good health of their near and dear ones. They light candles, meditate for a while and then leave this church.

Easter day and Christmas are the two main festivals of Christians that are celebrated with great joy and faith. People come to this church early in morning for their special masses that is conducted on these two days. Cathedral Church of the Redemption is decorated for these occasions, these attract many devotees. There are various cultural and social programmers that are conducted here.

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