Chintpurni Temple in Una

Chintpurni Temple in Una, Himachal Pradesh

Chintpurni Temple in Una

Chintpurni temple is devoted to Mata Chintpurni Devi and Mata Shri Chhinnamastika Devi, this temple is reversed by the local people of the Himachal Pradesh. This temple is at anltitude of about 940 meters above sea level. The idol which is being worshipped here is of Mata Durga which is headless and hence it is named as Chhinnamastika Devi. This means that a goddess without a head. Pilgrims visit this temple in order to worship the lotus feet of goddess Mata Chhinnamastika Devi. The idol of goddess has being destroyed by the devil Nishumbha which is worshipped here with great devotion. Legend also believes that the feet of the goddess Parvati was felt here.

Chintpurni temple is being established by Pandit Mai Das he was a Saraswati Brahman in the 26 generation in Chhaproh village, Himachal Pradesh. He was a great devotee of Mata Chintpurni. His followers conduct pooja and prayers at Chintpurni temple. There is huge queue of the visitors to just have one single look of the goddess.

There is a tree in the surrounding area of the Chintpurni temple where people tie threads and make a wish to the goddess. People also tie small red cloth and once their wish is fulfilled that thread or cloth is been removed from there. It is believed that the goddess grants all the wishes of the sincere devotees. People from every corner of India visit this place as to fulfill all their desires. Devotees have a strong belief and faith in the Mata Chintpurni.

Chintpurni temple is open from 4 am to 11 pm throughout the year. People prefer the morning time to visit this temple. There are many local people who hold stalls outside the temple. They sell items that are required for performing pooja in the temple. They have items such as coconut, flowers, ghee, red colored flags known as chunni, sweets and tulsi leaves. These items are offered in the feet of the Devi for her blessing in return. The idol of the Chintpurni Devi is placed in the centre of the temple where people offer their Prasad.

There are about 4 festivals that are celebrated with great joy at Chintpurni temple. They is in the month of Shravan, Chaitra and Kartik the Hindu months. There are huge fairs held here during these months. People come here in great number during this period.

Getting there

  • Airways:

    Nearest airport is the Gaggal airport which is at a distance of about 60 kilometers away from Chintpurni temple.

  • Railways:

    Nearest railway station are Hoshiarpur which is at a distance of about 42 kilometers and Una which is at distance of about 55 kilometers away from Chintpurni temple.

  • Road ways:

    There are state transport buses and luxury buses available from the Chintpurni temple to all the major cities of India.