Church of the Sacred Heart

Church of the Sacred Heart, New Delhi, India


Sacred heart church is one of the most popular and most visited churches of India. This church is situated at Gol Dak Khana that is close to the Connaught place in New Delhi. This is not only most popular church but also possibly one of the best churches in India. This is the Roman Catholic church of India. Henry Medd the most famous designer, who had designed the structure of Church of Redemption for the Anglicans, had designed this church to please the Catholics. The main person who was associated with this church is Father Luke and Henry Medd. Father Luke from Franciscan was the one who wanted to build a church in Delhi. Hence he purchased a land; the total area of the land was about 12 acres in the year 1920.

The construction of this church was completed in the year 1933-1934. This church has the influence of Italian design in its structure. There are fašade of huge white pillars, these are supporting canopy. Therefore this church looks very beautiful and attractive. Adding to this their background is covered with dark brick that gives altogether a different charm to the church. The entrance of this church is in circular form with arched towers that are rising above the roof. The interiors of this church are grand and lavishing along with their tower curved roof roofs, broad arches and polished stones flooring.

Father Luke belonged to the Franciscan first order; this was found by St. Francis of Assisi in the year 1182-1226. The main foundation stone of this church was laid by the hands of Rev Dr. E. Vanni. He was the Archbishop of Agar in the year 1929. The main altar was denoted by Sir Anthony De Mello, this altar was made of pure marble. There are things that are denoted by the Archbishop of Agar, such as the bells and altar furniture. The officers of colonial of the British Empire had financed other important things of the church. Finally by the benefactions, contributions of all and by the grace of god this church arose.

People from all over the country visits this church for seeking the blessing of the lord and for asking for forgiveness. There are no man made barriers for entering this church, such as of caste, creed and religion. People of all religions are allowed to enter and take the blessing of the lord. People light candles in front of the altar as a token of respect to the lord.

Church of the sacred heart celebrated the auspicious occasions of Christmas and Easter day with great fervor and with Holy Spirit. There is a feast of the holy Family of Nazareth on the eve of Christmas. There are special prayers arranged and the scriptures are read by the father of the church. There are thousands of people who visit this place on this occasion.

Travel Route:

Airways: Delhi is the capital city of India hence there are domestic as well as international airports located here. There are regular flights that are operated from here to all the major cities of India.

Railway: Delhi has one of the most important railway lines; it is the headquarters of North Indian rail lines. There are many trains that are operated from here to all the major cities of India.

Road ways: There are many state transport and luxury bus available form Delhi to all the major cities of India. There are local bus and taxi services available from bus station to Church of the sacred heart

Best Time To Visit:

Ideal time to visit is from October to January as during this time there are celebrations of festival here.