Dargah of Bu Ali Shah Qalandar

Dargah of Bu Ali Shah Qalandar, Panipat, Haryana, India

Dargah of Bu Ali Shah Qalandar is a famous dargah of Panipat as there is a tomb of Bu Ali Shah Qalandar who was honored as the Sufi saint of his period. He was well known as Bu Ali Shah but his original name was Sheikh Sharafuddeen. He was son of Sheikh Fakhar Uddin who was a great scholar and saint during his time. Bu Ali Qalandar had completed his studies at a very early age and used to teach near the Qutub Minar for about 20 years. This dargah is built by Ghyasuddin the emperor of Delhi in the 1324. He constructed this as a mark of respect to the great Sufi saint. The emperor was so impressed by his preaching that he built a tomb to show his great devotion towards him.

Birth Information

This great saint was born in Panipat, India in the year 1400, but the epitaph in Persian on his tomb says that his birthplace was Ganja in what is now known as Azerbaijan. His mother was Bibi Hafiz Jamal, and she was the daughter of Maulana Syed. He lived for about 112 years and was deeply honored by Muslims as well as the Hindus for his miraculous power and deep spirituality that was present in him.

The dargah and the enclosure that is there at the Qalandar chowk in Panipat were built by the Mahabat khan who was a general in the Mughal Emperor's services. Legends say the Sufi Saint was awarded as "Bu Ali" as he stood in water for about 36 years in Karnal this is known as Ibadah. Prophet Muhammad himself has blessed him the title of Bu-Ali. After this rutba that was granted by Muhammad, there were many other Sufi Saints who started visiting him. People of all religions come to the tomb and offer prayers to the Sufi saint; they visit this place every Thursday and even during the Urs time. People have a strong belief in him and hence they say that all their wishes come true after offering prayers to the great Sufi Saint. After many years of dedication and services to god Bu-Ali disappeared in to the sky in front of all this believers.

This dargah represents the rich architectural talent of the ancient time, there is a lavish garden, and the marvelous structure and the pleasant atmosphere of this place fills the visitors with deep sense of pleasure and satisfaction. The tomb built next to the dargah is made up of spotless marbles that adds more beauty to the structure of the dargah. The wall of the dargah is simply elegant with amazing carving that shows the development of Mughal Architecture.


During this festival the dargah is decorated with lighting and flowers as they celebrate the death anniversary of the great Sufi Saint Bu Ali Qalandar. This place is crowded with thousands and thousands of people on this day. People make a note to visit this dargah on this day as they seek divine blessings and eternal happiness after visiting. People visit this place from all over the world. People break all the man made barriers such as the caste, creed and religion and visit this place. People offer red color cloth as the galab, scented stick, flowers and some sweet. There are many people who offer money as a token of love and respect towards the Sufi as all the wishes come true. People are offered food to all those who have visited here during the Urs.

Travel Route:

Airways: nearest airport is the Delhi airport which is at a distance of about 90 kilometers away from Dargah of Bu Ali Shah Qalandar. There are local or state transport facilities available from Delhi to Panipat.

Rail ways: Panipat is well connected by rail line to all the major cities of India through rail.

Road ways: there are many state transport and luxury bus facilities available from Dargah of Bu Ali Shah Qalandar Panipat to all the main and important cities of India.

Best time to visit:

Best time to visit Panipat is from October to November as during this period the climate is very food.