Hazratbal Dargah

Hazratbal Dargah, Jammu and Kashmir, India

The shrines of Hazratbal are situated here in Jammu and Kashmir. The main Dargah is situated on the bank of the Dal Lake. This is one of the holiest places located in Kashmir, India. Hazrat bal is a supreme reverence anchored in love and respect for the great Muhammad Prophet. This Dargah is one of the most important Muslim's pilgrim places.

The special significance of Hazratbal Dargah is that it is derived from the truth that they have the hair of Prophet Muhammad with them. This hair of the great Prophet is open to the public on a very special and religious occasion that is on the eid-Milad, the birth and death anniversary of Prophet Muhammad. There are Friday prayers also offered by the devotees who visit this place very often. This is the only Dargah which has a dome on its roof as all the other have pagoda roofs. This Dargah is situated to the opposite side of the Nishat Bagh and provides grand view of the mountains and lakes.

History of the Hazratbal Dargah

The history of Hazratbal Dargah dates back to the17th century, when the great Mughal Emperor Shahajahan's Subedar, Sadiq Khan placed a garden here and constructed an Ishrat mahal in the year 1623. However Shahajahan ordered Subedar to convert this building into a prayer hall with some alterations. In 1699 Auranggzeb visited this place during Moi-e-Muqqadus. It was first place in the shrines of Naqashbad Sahib this is located in the heart of the city. Later he found that this place was insufficient for the crowd who visited this place. So he shifted it to the Hazrat bal, known as the Sadiqabad. The new construction of this Hazratbal Dargah was started by Muhammad Abdulla in the year 1968 and was completed in the year 1979.

Legend says that the relic was first brought by Syed Abdulla to India; he was a descendant of Prophet Muhammad. He left Medina in the year 1635 and settled in Bijapur. After his death his son Syed Hamid, took care of the relic. Later he found that he was not able to handle it properly so he sold it to a Kashmiri businessman known as Khwaja-ud-din Ishbari. Now the current Nishaandeh of this holy shrine is the Khwaja Ghlam Hasan Banday.

This holy relic of Prophet Muhammad is displayed to public on the various auspicious occasions that is related to the life of the Prophet Muhammad.

Travel Route:

Airways: Dargah lies in Srinagar and the airport is just about 24 kilometers away from the Hazratbal Dargah. There are regular domestic flights from this airport to all the major cities of India.

Railways: Nearest rail way station is the Jammu station which is just about 300 kilometers away from the Dargah. It takes about 10 to 12 hours to reach Hazratbal Dargah.

Road ways: there is every sort of transportation available from Hazratbal Dargah to all the major cities of India. While your journey to Hazratbal Dargah, you will get to see some splendid view of the nature beauty and also the famous Jawahar tunnel that links Kashmir to India.

People can visit this place any time throughout the year. Special occasion to visit this place is the Shabe-e-Meraj.