Humayun's Mosque

Humayun's Mosque, Fatehabad Haryana, India

Humayun was the elder son of the Mughal emperor Babur. He was not able to assert a strong monarchical authority. The time taken to build this mosque was very long as it started in 15526 and got completed in the year 1556 A.D. This mosque is built at the very place where the 'lat' raised by the Delhi sultan Feroz shah Tughlaq as he was already standing. There is an oblong open courtyard and there is a pond of water where people perform ritual before offering the prayers.

Humayun was a great Mughal emperor. His wife was Hamada banu Begum and his son was Akbar. He passed away in the year 1562.

There was a big screen to the west of the mosque and this screen is made up of 'lakhauri brick'. The screen showed the direction of offering prayers that is the mehrab that is flanked by two arched recesses to either side of the screen. According to the legend it is said that this mosque is built in the style of Persian Architecture. This is one of the earliest monuments of the Mughals built in India. This monument marks the beginning of the Mughal emperor in India. This mosque is small and beautiful. Legends say that after his defeat in the hands of Sher Shah Suri, hewas passing from here and offered prayer in this mosque on Friday. This inscription praising Humayun was found here and later this was studded into an Idgah.

This mosque is situated in Fatehabad town, Haryana. It is the district headquarters of Haryana. This town was found by the Mughal Emperor Feroz Shah Tughlaq and was named after his son Fateh khan. This was an important trade centre as for the export of grains.

This mosque is very famous and is popular as people offer Friday prayers here. This mosque can hold thousands of people for offering namaaz at a time. This mosque is repaired by one of the Nur Rehmat in the last century. There are also Eid prayers that are offered here every year.

Travel Route:

Airways: Nearest airport is the Delhi airport which is at a distance of about 216 kilometers away from the Humayun's Mosque. From Delhi airport there are state as well as local transports services available.

Rail ways: Nearest railway station is the Bhattu railway station which is at a distance of about 20 kilometers away from Humayun's Mosque. There are taxis and local bus services available from station to the mosque it will take just 25 minutes to reach the mosque from station.

Roads ways: There are state transports as well as luxury bus services available from Fatehabad to all the major cities of India.