Kanch Mandir

Jain Kanch Mandir, Indore (Madhya Pradesh)

Kanch Mandir is a very beautiful Jain temple which is situated in the city of Indore in Madhya Pradesh. The main deity of this temple is the idol of Lord Mahavir who is the 24th tirthankar in the Jain religion. Tirthankar literally means the person who creates Monk, nun, layman and laywoman hence basically the person who creates the four fold order. The Jain religion consists of 3 sects namely, Shwetambar, Sthanakvasi and Digamber. The Kanch Mandir looks similar to the Sheesh Mahal which is in the Ajmer fort of Rajasthan.

History: The Kanch Mandir is also known as the Seth Hukumchand temple. The temple was constructed in the 20th century by the Cotton king, Seth Hukumchand and hence the name. He had hired people from Jaipur and Iran to build the temple. He had also built a mansion called the Shish Mahal at the Itwaria Bazar which is adjacent to the Kanch Mandir. Both the Kanch Mandir and the Shish Mahal provide a breathtaking picture to its visitors.

Architecture: The Kanch Mandir is made by using only glass cuttings. The exterior of the temple looks very simple like a medieval Jain mansion which consists of a shikhar and a canopied balcony. The interior of the Jain pilgrimage is completely made of mozaics and glass panels. The ceiling, walls, pillars, floor, doors and almost everything is carved out of mirrors and multicolored glass. The finely crafted Chinese Lantern Type Colored glass and the Glass cut Chandeliers add to the beauty of the temple. The carefully painted glass paintings and more than 50 glass murals tell us the stories of the Jain religion. The expansiveness effect and the three dimensional effect is created with the help of the raised figures and the glass beads which have been utilized. Further some walls have been decorated by installing the elaborate inscriptions on them.

The idol of Lord Mahavir is prepared from the sparkling black onyx. The idol has been placed in the main Garbhagriha which is lined by mirror on both the side, thus the image of the idol is seen infinite times. Nearby places to visit: Few other places in the city which are interesting to visit are Shish Mahal, Rajwada, Ghanta Ghar etc. Around Indore also there are destinations like Ujjain, Mandav, Siddhaverkut, Mohankheda and Rani Roopmati's Palace which are very pleasing to visit.

Travel Route:

  • Airways: Indore has its own domestic airport and hence is the nearest airport.

  • Railways: Indore is well connected with most of the cities of the country. Therefore getting a train for Indore is not difficult. Once you reach the Indore railway station you can take any bus, rickshaw or taxi service which will take you to the Kanch Mandir.

  • Roadways: Kanch Mandir is situated on Jawahar Marg in Indore. It is very close to Rajwada. You will get many buses, taxis and rickshaws to reach there.