Parasnath Temple

Parasnath Temple, Parasnath Hill (Bihar)

Parasnath is one of the most visited Jain temples in India. Parasnath temple is also called as Samved Shikhar. This holy pilgrimage destination is situated in Bihar about 190 km from Ranchi and just 90 km from Hazaribagh. This Jain temple of Bihar is located on the highest hills of the Giridh district which are also called as Parasnath hills. The height of the hill on which the Parasnath pilgrimage is located is approximately 4480 feet.

The Jain religion has 24 tirthankars or in simple words has 24 Gods. The name of this Jain temple comes from the name of the 23rd tirthankar Lord Parsvanath who achieved salvation here. It is said that out of the 24 tirthankars 20 attained Moksha here at Parsvanath. This Jain pilgrimage destination is very sacred and is loved by many Jains. When you visit this place you will find the temples of both the Digambar and Shwetambar sects here.

Architecture: The simple architecture of the temple rightly reflects the teachings of the Jain religion, their munis and saints. The walls of the temple are made up of marble which consist of the writings on them from the teachings of the Jain religion. The Parasnath temple is not very old however the idol which is present in the main temple is too old.

Every year on the occasion of Mahavir Jayanti the Parasnath temple is very crowded as thousands of Jain devotees visit this holy place. The cool and pure environment of this place provides the perfect venue for those who look forward for mental peace. The other Shwetambar and Digambar temples also attract a large number of devotees and visitors.

Travel Route:

Airways: Ranchi is the nearest airport. As Ranchi is the capital of Jharkhand it is connected to most of the cities by many airlines.

Railways: Parasnath has its own railway station which is connected to some main cities like Kolkata and Gaya. Gaya is about 152 km and Kolkata is approximately 306 km away from Parasnath station. The nearest railhead to this place is Nimiaghat which is only 12 km away. In addition Dhanbad station which is located 84 km away from Parasnath is the most convenient station.

Roadways: The most easiest and convenient route to travel to Parasnath is by road from Bodhgaya which is only 160 km away from here. The main reason is it is very well-connected to all the major cities like Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai. The nearest known places from Parasnath pilgrimage are Giridhi at 36 km, Madhuban which is 15 km and Dumri just 20 km away. At many times tourist walk up the hill to enjoy the beauty of the hill and its surrounding area.