Rishabhdeo Jain Temple

Rishabhdeo Jain Temple, Rajasthan

The first Jain tirthankar Lord Adinath is also known as Lord Rishabhdoe. The Rishabhdoe temple which is located in the Dhulev village is just 65 km from Udaipur in Rajasthan. From the name itself we come to know that the temple is dedicated to Lord Rishabhdeo. The village Dhulev is also called Rikhabdeo because of the well-known Rishabhdeo temple. The pilgrims who visit this Jain pilgrimage donate a huge amount of saffron as an offering to the deity and hence this temple is also called as Kesariyaji Temple. Both the Bhils and Jain communities adore and have immense faith in this temple. Many Hindus also visit this sacred pilgrimage because they have a belief that Lord Rishabhdeo is one of the incarnations of Lord Vishnu.

Architecture: In the main temple the idol of Lord Rishabhdeo is situated which is completely made by carving a single black stone. Since the idol is black in color it is famous by the name Kalia Babu amongst the tribal and local people. The idol is in a sitting posture of Padmasan and we can see his long hair touching his shoulders. The idol is 3.5 feet tall and is situated on a platform where in the centre two oxen have been carved.

Other than the main idol there are other 23 idols out of which 21 are in a sitting position and the remaining 2 are standing. All these idols are made by using Ashtadhatu (made up of 8 different metals) and surround the main idol of Lord Rishabhdeo. Apart from the main temple there are around 52 other shrines of the tirthankars. On the pillars of these shrines you will see the carvings of the Digamber idols.

Right in front of the temple there is an idol of Lord Rishabddeo's mother Mata Marudevi. Her idol is placed on an elephant. At the entrance of the temple there are idols of two elephants carved out from black stone. The image of Goddess Padmavati which is in the south attracts our concentration whereas the image of Goddess Chakreshwari in the north decorates the site.

The northern and southern sections of the Khela Mandapa, which is the main hall are filled with the idols of Lord Parshvanath, Mallinath, Mahavir Swami, Vasupujya Swami and Neminath. All these five Gods together are known as Panch-Balayati.

Pagliyaji Palace: Paglyaji Palace is a place which is hardly 2 km from the Rishabhdoe temple. In this palace the footprints of Lord Rishabhdeo have been placed which are worshipped by the pilgrims who come here. The annual procession in the Chaitra month takes place on the birthday of Lord Rishabhdoe which starts from the temple and finishes at the Pagliyaji Palace where later the Puja takes place.

Travel Route:

Airways: The nearest airport to Rishabhdeo temple is Udaipur which is 65 km away.

Railways: The Rishabhdeo railway station is just 12 km from Udaipur-Ahmadabad railway line.

Roadways: There are regular buses and taxis available from Udaipur to Rishabhdeo temple.