Taranga Hill

Taranga Hill, Gujarat

There are many famous Jain pilgrimages in the state of Gujarat. Taranga hill is a well-known Jain pilgrimage situated approximately 35 miles from Mehsana, one of the major cities of Gujarat. This pilgrimage destination is actually situated in Timba village of kheralu taluka which comes under Mehsana district. The hills are around 1300 feet high from the sea level. Taranga is a holy pilgrimage for both the Shwetamber and Digamber sects of the Jains. The pilgrimage has 14 temples in total out of which 5 are of the Digamber sect. In the main temple of the Shwetamber sect the main deity is the 9 feet tall idol of Lord Ajitnath which is white in color. On the other hand the idol of Lord Adishwar is the main deity of the temple of the Digambers.

History: This Jain pilgrimage was known by many names like Tarangarh, Tarvur, Tarangiri, Taravar Nagar etc in the ancient times. In his book which was written in VNS 1710, Acharya Shri Somprabhsurishwarji has illustrated the establishment of this Jain pilgrimage. According to the inscriptions the temple was constructed in the year 1200 of the Vikram era, under the commands and inspirations of Acharya Shri Hemchandracharya. Siddhachalji has 108 names out of which 'Tarangir' is one of them. Hence, Taranga is believed as a peak of Siddhachalji.

Architecture: There is an ancient and huge square of breadth 230 ft and length of 230 ft in the center. The temple has 7 domes with perimeter of 639 ft having height 142 feet, 50 feet long and 100 ft. broad. The wooden top of the temple which is 27500 cm high is very finely and magnificently carved. The idols of Kumarpal Maharak and Goddess Padmavati are present on the temple's outer platform. On the left side of the temple there are three attractive things namely the Jambudvip painting, the temple of Gaumukhji and the open lecture-hall which is also called as the Samovasaran. On the right side of the temple there are the foot-idols of Lord Ajitnath and the 20 wondering Bhagawans.

The other nearby holy destination which is worth visiting is kotisheela where many saints attained nirvana. It is just a kilometer away from the main Jain temple. At this very place there is a window which is called the moksha window. Another place is the Siddhasheela which is in the north-west direction of the temple and consists of the footprints of Lord Ajitnath.

Travel Route:

Airways: The nearest airport is Ahmedabad. From here you will get many trains, buses or taxies to Taranga.

Railways: The nearest railway station to Taranga is 6 km away from the main pilgrimage destination. Direct trains are available from Ahmedabad to reach Taranga.

Roadways: There are bus and taxi services available to Tarange from Ahmedabad, Mehsana and Visnagar. Mehsana is 70 km away and Visnagar is 51 km away from Taranga pilgrimage destination.