Jama Masjid

Jama Masjid, Old Delhi, India

Jama Masjid of Delhi is one of the most magnificent mosques in India. This is the final excessive architecture of the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan built in the year 1656. This mosque covers an area of about 65m by 35m and it has a square court of about 100m. This mosque reminds us about the devotion of the Mughal towards their religion. The huge and spacious courtyard of this mosque has the capacity to hold about 25,000 worshippers at a time for their prayers. This mosque is situated in the heart of the erstwhile capital city of India, Delhi and it is just opposite the Red Fort.

The main foundation of this mosque is laid by the 5th Mughal Emperor Shahjahanabad on a hillock on 6 October1650 A.D. There were about 5000 workers who had put all their efforts in building one of the most beautiful mosques of India. It took 6 long years to build Jama Masjid. The amount required to construct this marvelous Masjid is about 10 lakhs rupees during that period. This construction of this mosque is completed under the supervision of shah jahan's prime minster Saadullah Khan.

Jama Masjid is built about 10 meters above the level of the ground on a red sandstone porch. The mosque has three entrances, 4 towers and 2 minarets in all. The north and the south entrance are led by the fleet of steps. The main entrance of this mosque is towards the eastern side that is facing the red fort. This entrance was usually used by the emperors only as it has a very royal look. . All these entrances are made up of red sandstone. The northern entrance has about 39 steps, the southern entrance has about 33 steps and the main entrance has about 35 steps. Jama Masjid is about 80 meters long and 27 meters long and the roof of the mosque is covered with three domes that have alternate stripes of black and white marbles over it, the topmost part of this dome is also covered with gold.

A huge hall with seven arched gateways that is facing the west is under the domes of the mosque. All the walls of the mosque are covered with white marbles. There is also a prayer hall that is in the west, this is decorated by a series of arches that stands on about 260 pillars.

Jama Masjid refers to the weekly Friday noon prayers of Muslims. These Jammah prayers are usually done at mosques.

Travel Route:

Airways: As Delhi is the capital city of India it has international as well as the domestic airports. There are regular flights to all the major cities of India from Delhi.

Railways: There are many major rail lines running from Delhi to all the important cities of India.

Road ways: There are many state transport and local transport available from Delhi to all the important cities of India. This is a place where the Muslims from all over the country wish to offer prayers once in their life. People are not supposed to enter this mosque with their shoes they have to compulsorily remove and go bare feet.