Kailash Temple

Kailash Temple, Maharashtra

Kailash Temple in Maharashtra

There are about 34 cave temples all over India out of which only 12 are most impressive. This temple is one of the 12 most attractive cave temples in Maharashtra. It is represented as the Himalayan home of Lord Shiva the idol of Shiva measures about 164 feet long and 109 feet wide. This temple is carved with about 2,00,000 tones of rock and is one of the world's largest monolithic constructions in India. This temple is carved out of the huge single rock. This temple is built by the rulers of Rashtrakuta. Ellora is considered as the world heritage destination and famous monumental cave temple. This temple is a masterpiece of monolithic architecture and took about 100 years to complete.

This temple covers double the area covered by Parthenon situated in Athens. The temple is divide into four different parts the main body of the temple, the corridors surrounding the courtyard from three sides, the Nandi idol and the main entrance gate way. This temple is built in the form of the pyramidic design, the temple has pillars, gathering halls, windows, inner & outer rooms and the most important is the lingam in the heart of the temple which is carved from a stone. This temple is one of the marvelous man-made architectures which is worth visiting.

People from every corner of the world come to have a look at this exception holy place. There are many images of deities, mythical creature and animals on the wall of the temple. The entire temple is carved showcasing scenes from the great epics such as Mahabharata and Ramayana. There is a great festival organized by the MTDC of the Ellora. There are a lot of music and dance functions arranged at Kailash temple. The temple is decorated with flowers, lighting and even with other attractive items. This gives more glaze to the beauty of the temple. This festival takes place in every December and a large number of people visit this place during this period to enjoy this festival.


There are number of hotels and lodges available in Ellora or in Aurangabad which is just 30 kilometers away from the temple. The hotels range from luxury class to budgets class with all extra amenities and good service for the tourists. During the festival time all the hotels and lodges are full.

Getting there:

  • Airways:

    Nearest airport is the Chikalthana which is at a distance of about 160 kilometers away from the Kailash temple.

  • Railways:

    Nearest station is the Aurangabad station which is at a distance of about 30 kilometers away from the Kailash temple.

  • Road ways:

    There are state transport buses and luxury buses available from Ellora to all the major cities of India.