Karni Mata Temple

Karni Mata Temple, Rajasthan

Karni Mata Temple in Rajasthan

Karni Mata temple is 600 years old and is devoted to Mata Karni in Rajasthan. In Karni Mata temple the rats are considered as holy, as they believe that the sole of the Mata resides in the rats and therefore they should be taken proper care. This temple is built by the king of this area Maharaja Ganga Singh. He construed this temple in a very unique manner, it is completely made up of marble and it has huge silver gate in front of the main idol of Mata Karni at the entrance. There are carving of different gods and goddess on the marble.

During her existence it is said that she had made many miracles. She was a supernatural person who led an honorable life; she totally committed her life for the welfare of poor and served for all the communities. This goddess has a main role in laying the foundation of the Deshnoke. It is also said that once her youngest son drowned, and then the goddess Karni asked the Yama to give her son's life back, in which she had succeeded. In that period when Yama refused to do so she began to worship Goddess Durga and got back the life of her son. At this time she announced that in future no member of her family will die hence forth and they would be in the manifestation of rats.

After this announcement people believe that rats belong to the Karni Mata's family. In and around Deshnoke there are about 600 families that belong to this family. The idol of Karni Mata holds a trishul in her hand. The idol is about 75 cms tall, having a crown on the head and a garland of rich flowers. There are images of her sister which are also placed on the either side of the Karni Mata. The temple is covered with steel grills so to block the birds coming inside. There are even holes for the birds so they can fly away.

Karni Mata temple is crowded with people through the year as the Mata is well-known for fulfilling all the wishes of the devotees coming here. People offer flowers, sweets, scented sticks and coconut as a token of love for Mata Karni. During the Navarathri the temple is decorated with lighting and flowers as this festival is calibrated with great joy. There are poojas and dance programs held in the area around the Karni Mata temple. People from every corner of the country come to see this festival.

Getting there

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    Nearest airport is the Jodhpur airport which is at a distance of about 253 kilometers away from the Karni Mata temple.

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    Nearest railway station is the Bikaner railway station which is the main station that connects all the major cities of India.

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    There are state transport buses and luxury buses available from Bikaner to all the major cities of India.