Koodalmanikyam Temple

Koodalmanikyam Temple, Kerala

Koodalmanikyam Temple is an ancient and one of the most popular temples for Hindus in Kerala, India. This has two very different features that make it unique from others. They are as follows- it has only one idol in the temple; other temples in India have many idols and this is the only temple which is dedicated to Bharata. Lord Bharata was brother of Lord Rama. There are altogether four temples in Kerala that form a set which is called as Nalambalam and each of these temples is dedicated to one of the 4 brothers that are mentioned in the great epic Ramayana- Rama, Bharata, Lakshman and Shatrughna.

Koodalmanikyam Temple is situated in a small town of Irinjalakuda which is there in Thrissur district Of Kerala, India.

Koodalmanikyam Temple is considered as the most marvelous pieces of architecture. The gateway of this temple is very impressive, there is round shape sanctum sanctorum, there are fine carving on walls and wood. The grand Koothambalam is the main attraction of this temple which attracts thousands of devotees towards it. This beautiful architectural work of Koodalmanikyam Temple makes many students of Art and architecture visit this place to look at the designs and patterns.

It is believed that there were a number of Rishis who were engaged in offering prayers called as Yagna, theses are special prayers that are offered to please Lord Vishnu. They wanted his undying presence at this place and so the lord readily agreed to this. After this they offered yagna to Ganga Devi and she too had agreed and there was a water tank that was a sacred Sanctum Sanctorum. There are altogether 4 large ponds that are surrounding this temple; main two out of these are Kuttan Kulam and Kulipini Theertham. The water of these tanks is considered to be very sacred and has some of the cultivating property in it. Hence after the incident this temple was built.

While offering pooja in Koodalmanikyam Temple devotees are allowed to offer only 3 flowers to Lord Bharata they are Lotus, chetti and tulasi in front of the idol. People after offering flowers in front of Lord have holy dip in these tanks and ask for welfare of their family members. There is a large annual festival that is celebrated here. This festival continues for about 10 days in the Malayalam month of Edavam. There are thousands of devotees who visit this place during this festival time to seek blessing of Lord Bharata.


There are many hotels and lodges available here that range from economic class to luxury class. The hospitality of hotels and resorts are very good with all extra facilities.

Travel Route:

  • Airways:

    Nearest airport is the Kochi airport that is at a distance of 35 kilometers from Koodalmanikyam Temple. There are many other facilities that are available from airport to temple.

  • Railway Station:

    Nearest railway station is the Irinjalakuda which is at a distance of about 5 kilometers away from Koodalmanikyam Temple.

  • Road Ways:

    There are state transport and luxury bus services available from here to all the major cities of India. There are local bus and taxi services available from bus station to Koodalmanikyam Temple.