Kurisumala Ashram

Kurisumala Ashram, Vagamon, Kerala

Kurisumala ashram is a Cistercian monastery that is situated in Syro-Malankar Church in Kerala. Kurisumala is derived from two words in Malayalam. 'Kurisu' means cross and 'mala' means 'ashram'. The name of the ashram describes the community of monks, as they live an austere life and follow a strict monastic life here. Kurisumala ashram is in the centre of the Sahya Mountains, in Idukki district of Kerala. This is a perfect place where people can experience spiritual satisfaction and peace of mind. This ashram follows and maintains a very monastic custom in their daily activities with proper rules and regulations. This ashram was established in the year 1955 by Fr Francis Acharya and By Fr. Griffith. Fr. Francis was invited by Zacharias Mar Athanasius; he was a bishop of Tiruvalla and a monk of Scourmont Abbey in Belgium. He came to Kerala and started this ashram. Later he was accompanied by Bede Griffiths in the year 1956. There are altogether three catholic churches in Kerala and this ashram is found in Syro-Malankar Catholic Church. This is one of the largest and most famous churches of Kerala.

Father Francis was interested in promoting the vision and mission. He was honored as the head and architect of Ashram. Acharya life was dedicated to god and to neighbors. He used to ignore his likes and dislikes. He is not interested in increasing the numbers of members, as he wants not more than twenty members in this ashram. It is so because Acharya had restricted number of members in this ashram.

One of the important features of this ashram is its silence and this silence truly pervades the Kurisumala ashram. The only thing that can break this silence is the sweet sound of winds and attractive sound of the birds that brings a quasi-divine message. It is very interesting to know the day to day life and activities of the monks in the ashram. They spent time in meditating and devoting some time for studying and services in life. Each day is perfectly divided in hours for rest, study, prayers and work. Their day starts from 3:30 am early in the morning with prayers at 4 am. There are various activities that are carried in a day such as meditations, yoga, reading bible and prayers.

Travel Route:

Airways: Nearest airport is Cochin which is at a distance of about 100 kilometers away from Kurisumala ashram Vagamon. There are regular flights from here and it is well connected to all the major cities of India. There are taxis and other transportation facilities available from airport to Kurisumala ashram.

Railways: Nearest railway station is Kottayam which is at distance of about 64 kilometers away from Kurisumala ashram Vagamon. It takes about 1 hour and 15 minutes to reach the station from Kurisumala ashram Vagamon.

Road Ways: There are state transport and luxury bus services available from Kurisumala ashram Vagamon to all the major cities of India. There are local bus and taxi services available from bus station to the ashram.