Madayi Mosque

Madayi Mosque, Madayi, Kannur, Kerala, India

Madayi Mosque is considered as one of the most famous and antique mosque located in Kannur district. This mosque is built by a Malik Iban Dinar he was regarded as a well known Muslim preacher. This mosque is built in the year 1124 A.D and is situated just 22 kilometers away from Kannur town. This famous Muslim preacher came to India to spread the words of Prophet Muhammad during his period. Malik Iban Dinar priest was a devout follower of Prophet Muhammad and wanted to preach and spread the teachings of the prophet. He wanted to strengthen the belief of the people in these teachings.

In this mosque there is a block made of marble that is brought from Mecca by the founder of Madayi Mosque. The architecture of this mosque is in the Mughal form and has a very beautiful structure of the mosque. It is believed that the foundation laid of Madayi Mosque is a master piece of art. Malik Iban Dinar was a sermonizer of Muhammad and he traveled many countries to spread his teachings. He was the 1st one to land at Kerala and built many mosques in Kerala. Legends believed that Madayi Mosque is a thousand year old and then rebuilt in the architecture style of Indo-Saracen. This mosque is one of the most famous and popular mosques. There are thousands of people who come to offer prayers. There are special prayers on Friday.

Kannur is surrounded by Kasargod to the north, the Western Ghats to the east, Arabian Sea to its west and Kozhikode to its South. Madayi is a small town located in the Kannur district in Kerala. There are many monuments that are worth visiting in Kannur. There is also a fort built by Tippu sultan, he was one of the rulers of Mysore. It is also said that Kerala is a state of Masques as there are majority of Muslims. The mosques of Kerala are generally covered structures; the mosque has a large prayer hall at the middle that is surrounded by verandhas on all sides.

Travel Route:

Airways: Nearest airport is the Calicut airport which is about 115 kilometers way from the Madayi Mosque. Calicut is well connected to all the major cities of India, there are regular flights operated from here. There are local buses and taxis available from airport to Madayi.

Railways: Nearest railway station is the Kannur railway station which is at a distance of about 22 kilometers away from the Madayi Mosque. There are taxis and local buses available from the station to the destination it will take hardly 25-30 minutes to reach the mosque.

Roads ways: There are many state transport and luxury buses services available from Madayi to all the major cities of India. Madayi is well connected to Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Goa and Maharashtra.