Mansa Devi Temple

Mansa Devi Temple, Uttaranchal

Mansa Devi Temple in Haridwar

Mansa Devi temple lies on the foot hills of the Bilwa Parvat, in Haridwar. The word Mansa is taken for the 'Mansah' which means 'wish'. It is also said that wishes of people who visit this place with strong faith and belief are fulfilled here. Mansa Devi along with the other two the Chandi Devi and Maya Devi grants all the wishes of the sincere devotees who come with great love and belief.

Mansa Devi is emerged from the mind of the famous Saint Kashyap. Mata Mansa is regarded as the consort of the Naga Raja Vasuki. The goddess has 3 mouths and 5 arms attaches to the idol. The other idol has 8 arms. There is a tree in the surrounding area of the temple, people who wish that all their requests should come true tie thread to the branches of the trees and hope that Mata Mansa Devi will fulfill them. After all their wishes are fulfilled by the goddess then they come back and remove their thread from the trees.

There are many local vendors sitting outside the Mansa Devi temple selling items that are necessary for offering in front of the goddess as a token of love. Items such as different flowers, coconut, tulsi leaves, fruits, incense sticks and marigold garland. Devotees who come here compulsorily take these items to the temple.

Mansa Devi temple is considered as one of the most important destination for the followers of Hinduism. People can have a very amazing view of the city from the temple. Along with a holy visit they can enjoy the splendid beauty of the hills and the nature of the area.

People can reach the temple walking or even there are rope ways available. The length of the total rope way is about 540 meters and it is at a height of about 178 meters above sea level. People who want to enjoy the ride reach the temple through the rope way. It carries people from the lower station direct to the Mansa Devi temple. This place is named after the goddess as Devi Udhankhatola. People who are adventure lovers reach the temple by trekking and have a great view of the city.

Mansa Devi temple is built in a typical architecture of Mughal style with domes and minarets. This temple is constructed in the Panchayatana model which has 4 shrines at four corners and the 5th in the centre of the temple.

Getting there

  • Airways:

    Nearest airport is the Chandigarh airport which is at a distance of about 14 kilometers away from the Bilwa Parvat in Haridwar.

  • Railways:

    Nearest railway station is the Chandigarh station which is at a distance of about 14 kilometers away from the Mansa Devi temple.

  • Roadways:

    There are state transport and luxury buses available from Panchkula bus station. People can reach the temple by local buses or by auto-rickshaws.