Mount Mary Church

Mount Mary Church, West Bandra, Mumbai, India

Mount Mary Church is an also well-known as 'the basilica of our Lady of the mother' and is located in the town of Bandra, Mumbai. It is situated on a hillock and about 80 meters above sea level. This church was built in the year 1640 and there are lot many stories that are connected with the destruction of the church, but finally it was completed in the year 1761. This one of the most famous and most visited churches of Mumbai. There is the main statue of Mother Mary inside the church as usual but apart from that there is one more statue outside the church, in front of the gate. There people light candles and thank Mother Mary for her blessing. People even wait there and pray for the welfare of their close relatives and for their dear ones.

Mount Mary Church had made a special place in the heart of the locals. There is no cast, creed and religion barriers for visiting this church as anyone can enter this church. The Marathas refer as Math Mauli and give her special respect. In the year 1700, the Arabs pirate stained the statue to achieve a gold line object in mother Mary's hand. This church was rebuilt and was replaced with the statue of 'Our Lady Navigators'. Legends say that there was a letter that was published in 'St. Andrew's church' book, that a koli fish man had dreamt that he will be getting a statue in the sea and his dream came true. Later he really found a statue in the sea. In the year 761 the original statue of Mother Mary was renovated and placed with a child in her arms. There after renovated statue of Mother Mary is worshiped here.

Bandra Fair

There is a very famous fair that is held in Bandra every year called as the 'Bandra Fair'. This fair is held to celebrate the 'Feast of Mother Mary' on the Sunday following 8th September. This fair takes place in the Mount Mary Church, as it is the birth day of Mother Mary. This feast lasts for about 7 days and is named as the Bandra fair. During this period there are thousands of devotees who visit this church to seek blessing of Mother Mary. This is a time for celebration and the church is decorated that attracts many people. There are numbers of stalls that are arranged during the fair. They sell many religious items here such as wax idols of the virgin Mother Mary, beautiful and unique collections of candles. This collection includes different shapes such as hand, feet, face and different parts of the body. People have a strong belief that whoever is sick and has a fault in some part of their body, buy that shape candle and light that candle in the church. They have faith that mother Mary will cure them.

Travel Route

Airways: There is a domestic as well as international airport in Mumbai. There are regular flights that are operated from here to all the major cities of India.

Railways: Mumbai is the main centre of the central western railway. Hence it is well connected with all the important states and cities of India via rails. There are even local trains that are running 24x7 continuously

Road Ways: There are many state transport and luxury bus services available from here to all the major cities of India. There are even local buses and taxis that are available from bus station to Mount Mary Church

Best Time To Visit

Ideal time to visit is during the month of September for the Bandra fair.