Santa Cruz Basicillica

Santa Cruz Basicillica, Kochi, Kerala, India

Santa Cruz Basicillica is located in the city of Kochi, Kerala. This church was built by the Portuguese and later elevated to a cathedral in the year 1558 by Pope IV. Finally the British destroyed the main structure and Bishop Joao Gomes Ferreira commissioned a new structure of the church in the year 1887. Finally in the year 1984 this was honored as the Basilica by Pope John Paul II.

Santa Cruz Basicillica is a roman catholic church that is one of the oldest and finest churches in Kerala. The structure of the church is very impressive and hence attracts thousands of devotees towards it. This is a place of worship as well as holds some historical significance that has an artistic and colorful gothic style design. This church is very close to the 'capital church of Kochi, St. Francis Church Kerala.

History of Santa Cruz Basicillica

Santa Cruz Basicillica history begins in the year 1500 with the arrival of the Portuguese disciples. They were accompanied along with 2nd Portuguese fleet. Godha Varma I king of Kochi received them with warm welcome. Due to this the Calicut Zamorin declared war against them. But with the help of Portuguese who were under the commander Dom Afonso de Albuquerque defeated their enemies of Kochi and gave them the permission to build a fort in Kochi.

In 1503 the Dom Francisco de Almeida got the permission from the king of Kochi to build a church, so the foundation of the Santa Cruz Basicillica was laid on 3rd May 1505. This is the feast day of 'Invention of the holy cross' and hence this church is named as Santa Cruz Basicillica.

Later in the year 1663 when the Dutch's dominated Kochi they destroyed the entire catholic establishment, expect this church. In the year 1887 when Bishop Dom Joao Gomes Ferreira had taken the initiative to rebuilt the church and was successful. This is one of the 8 basilicas in India. This church has completed 5 centuries of existence in the year 2004. This church is built in the indo-European style. There are Italian paintings showing the time of the church from the beginning till date. This gives a different look to the interiors of the church.

People from all over the world visit this church for taking the blessing of the lord. People confess their mistakes and ask for forgiveness in front of the lord. They light candles and ask for blessing. The 500th anniversary of church was celebrated with great fervor and enthusiasm all over Kerala.

Travel Route:

Airways: There is domestic as well as international airport located in Kochi. There are regular flights that are operated from here to all the major cities of India.

Railways: Kochi is the main railway station of Kerala. There are many rails that are operated from here to all the major cities of India.

Road ways: There are state transport and luxury bus services available from Kochi to all the major cities of India. There are local transport and taxi services available from bus station to Santa Cruz Basicillica.