Shahdara Sharief

Shahdara Sharief, Jammu, India

Shahdara Sharief is one of the most famous places for Muslims in Jammu, India. This is located in the Rajouri district in Jammu and is just 177 kilometers away from Jammu. This Dargah is dedicated to Baba Ghulam Shah. The history of this Dargah is dated back to the 19th century. This is built on a hillock in the Thanna Mandi, which is located just 29 kilometers away from Rajouri town.

Hazrat Ghulam Shah Baba is originally from Rawalpindi. Since his childhood he was a god fearing child. After staying for years with Hazrat imam Bari-ul-Latief he gained his religious sermons and there after remained faithful for his religion. When imam saw that his disciple is now a perfect religious man, he ordered him to go in mountainous area for preaching. He guided him and told him that his last destination will be Shahdara which is located in Kashmir. Hence he came here and settled here forever teaching religious matter for everybody. People of Jammu believed that what he used to predict would be true. Hence even today people have a strong belief that whatever wish asked him comes true.

Legend says that in 1820 A.D Maharaja Ranjit Singh of Punjab had sent his army general to Gulab Singh for defeating their enemy. There were only 25 soldiers remaining out the 150 brave soldiers that he had taken with him. At last he got fed up and took a shelter at the Thanna Mandi and went to local hermit named Baba Ghulam shah. He was staying at the nearby locality of Shah-dara and was well known as a wise and religious person. When the general went to the saint, he saw that the saint is sitting under a tree in deep devotion. The wise person looked at the general and smiled. Singh asked the religious person for his smile, he replied that "he smiled at the god's miracle infallible Almighty. He had committed to charge his high personality of performing so many expedition of Government. He advised Singh to climb the mountain and cast a momentary look around. Gulab climbed the mountain and was surprised to see the recluse and asked him to grant him the 'Jagir'. But the saint said that he already had a piece of land that is the Shah-Dara. After sometime when the Singh became the Maharaja of Jammu and Kashmir he wished to visit the saint to show his devotion for the saint. In the memory of the saint he built a Dargah in order to give his shrines a dedication.

There are thousands of devotees of all casts and religions who visit Shahdara Sharief every year. Singh had broken all the manmade barriers of cast, creed and religion. People visit this place with strong belief that the saint will fulfill all their wishes.

Travel Route:

Airways: nearest airport to Shahdara Sharief is the Srinagar airport. There are regular flights operated from here to all the major cities of India. There are bus and taxis services available from airport to Dargah.

Railways: Nearest railway station is the Jammu station which is about 177 kilometers away from Shahdara Sharief. People can hire taxis and buses from the station to Dargah.

Road ways: There are road transportation services available from Shahdara Sharief to all the major cities of India. There are buses and taxis from the Thanna Mandi to other cities of Jammu and Kashmir.

Devotees from all over the country come with a very strong belief that a trip to this sacred place will help them get rid of all their mundane tensions and worries.