Sidi Saiyad Mosque

Sidi Saiyad Mosque, Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Sidi Saiyad Mosque was built by a slave Sidi Saiyad. He was a slave of Sultan Ahmad Shah. This mosque was built in the year 1573 near Lal Darwaja. This mosque is located in Ahmedabad the capital city of Gujarat, India. This is one of the popular and elegant mosques built at that time. This mosque was the last mosque that was built in Gujarat by the sultanate. This mosque is also known for its complicated jails, these both make a worthwhile travel to Ahmedabad. This is regarded as one of the holiest places in Gujarat. This is regarded as one of the most prominent monuments of Ahmedabad.

Sidi Saiyad Mosque is an architectural beauty and is popular for it beautifully engraved ten stone latticework jails on the sides. The walls are filled with square pieced panels in geometric design. There are two bays flanking in the centre of aisle, that have stones engraved in design of intertwined foliages, trees and palm shape. This complicated carved design stones windows is the Sidi Saiyad jail. Sidi Saiyad Mosque is considered as one of the best example of Indo-Saracenic architecture.

There are two semicircular screens that are high on the western wall. They are one of the most spectacular floral designs carved out of the yellow stone common in Ahmedabad's mosque. This mosque was sacked by the British and then later extracted into central jail. This was also taken to the museum of London for display.

The eastern face of the mosque is open, enlightening a host of pillars that divides the main hall into two parts. There are gardens around the mosque that offers a great view of the screen. Women are not supposed to enter this mosque. Sidi Saiyad Mosque has achieved a worldwide recognition, due to its splendid beauty. Famous for the exquisite carvings on the walls and the pillars, the mosque retains its uniqueness in the world.

Before the British sacked the mosque there were thousands of people who used to offer prayers here. People from the entire world admire the indo-Saracenic styling of this mosque.

Travel Route

Airways: As Ahmedabad is a capital city of Gujarat it has international as well as domestic airports. There are regular flights that are operated from here to all the major cities of India. There are local transport and taxis available from airport to Sidi Saiyad Mosque that is at a very short distance from the airport.

Railways: Ahmedabad is also connected to all the major cities of India through rail lines. There are some main rail lines linked with some of the main cities of India such as Mumbai, Delhi, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. There are taxis and local bus services that are running from station to Sidi Saiyad Mosque.

Road Ways: There are state transport and Luxury bus services available from Ahmedabad to all the major cities of India.